Grand Hyatt Hong Kong – moments of bliss in a bustling metropolis

- Sameer Poonja, Raised in a family of luxury tour operators, Sameer Poonja, Kiwi Collection's Vice President of Technology, was literally "born to do this." As a member of the "100 mile club," Sameer has visited more than 100 countries and learned more and more about the luxury travel industry in each and every one of them. He is a consummate professional and conducts himself - professionally and personally - with a grace and candor that befit his background and experience. Never doubting his choice, Sameer has spent his entire career working in the hospitality and luxury hotel industry. As a licensed university teacher of hospitality graduates, he also has the ability to impart his wealth of knowledge upon those who wish to follow a similar path to his. As a technology expert, Sameer has been involved in the creation of various technology solutions for the hospitality industry, such as Property Management Systems and Online Booking Engines. He was also instrumental in developing Coca Cola's first Canadian wireless vending solution for hotels, enabling authorization to be carried out dynamically through the hotel property management system. Considering the amount of time and energy that Sameer has spent traveling around the world, it may come as no surprise that he speaks 4 languages. A modern day "Renaissance Man," he enjoys everything from acting to scuba-diving, white-water rafting to sky-diving, mountain safaris to sports, music and theatre to reading and traveling. Kiwi Collection is proud to have him as part of the team.

Ever wondered how to find time for a moment of bliss in your hectic business travels?

Well I found a few of those moments of absolute bliss and tranquility during my stay at the Grand Hyatt in Hong Kong. I was in Hong Kong attending the HEDNA conference and during my conference tour I had an opportunity to experience the luxurious services of the Grand Hyatt Hong Kong, which became one of the highlights during my conference stay.

I was delightfully surprised by the level of service and personal attention that was given to me during my stay. First off, the hotel was kind enough to upgrade me to one of their club rooms which had an 180 degree view of the Hong Kong’s Victoria Harbour, which is absolutely magnificent. I thought that It couldnt get any better, but  right in front of the view was a single seat sofa with a pedestal table and on it a beautiful bottle of red with a glass ready to be poured. I took that moment to throw off my shoes, loosen my tie and enjoy the view along with the wine.

After 15 minutes of tranquility in my room with a glass of fine wine, I reluctantly but also excitedly, got up to change into my robe for my massage the Plateau Spa. This oasis in a luxury corporate hotel is truly a step out of the extra-ordinary. They are true to the word of tranquility and sheer experience. My massage and facial treatment left me feeling refreshed and washed away the stress of the day! The Plateau, which is situated on the 11th floor of the hotel also has one of the most exclusive fitness and exercise studios in Hong Kong, and I made a mental note to take advantage of the fitness centre the following morning before continuing upon my conference.

One of my favourite things to do when traveling on business is to take in at least one wonderful dining experience, as it is one of the things I enjoy the most about traveling to foreign countries. And I make sure to immerse myself at least one time into local cuisine; enjoying delicacies that I may not otherwise find back at home…or at least as convincingly. One of my colleagues at the conference had said to me that if I enjoy dim sum I need not go too far to experience some of the finest in Hong Kong, as the Hyatt’s own cantonese restaurant, housed on the eighth floor of the hotel, was stellar…and I must say, my colleague’s recommendation was spot on. The restaurant had been recently renovated and I sat and ate delicious local cuisine while looking out at the magnificent views over Victoria Harbour. One recommendation is to save room for dessert. I chose the mango pudding…I recommend you try it as well!

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