Hotel MaMaison le Regina: Warsaw’s Best Hotel

- Melissa Mewdell,

Hotel MaMaison le Regina is perfect if you want to go sightseeing or if you’re looking for a romantic hotel in Poland. We highly recommend this palace-like hotel.

Poland is one of the most interesting countries in Europe. Invaded countless times, chock-full of history from the world wars and the birthplace of the famous composer, Chopin, it is one of the best countries in Europe to visit if you’re a history buff. Warsaw is Poland’s capital and one of the more modern cities in the country.

When visiting Warsaw, we highly recommend staying at Hotel MaMaison le Regina.  This five star Poland hotel received an award from Forbes Traveler in 2006. Forbes applauded it as “the most prestigious hotel in Poland”, and they are right on the money with that one. This hotel is located on three levels of a historical building in Warsaw’s “old town” (right where you’ll want to be if you want to explore the city’s historical side).

You will notice that much of Warsaw has been rebuilt and modernized, so this building is a real treat for architecture types and history enthusiasts. It has been carefully restored to look like an eighteenth century palace with all of the modern amenities, of course. This elegant blend of old and new is what makes Hotel MaMaison one of the best hotels in Poland.

There are 61 rooms at this luxury hotel, each fitted with high end amenities with a clean cut and contemporary design. Rooms are spacious and unique with a pleasant décor (brown and vanilla colours). All rooms have great views of the gardens and monuments close by, or the hotel’s courtyard.

When visiting Warsaw, you’ll definitely want to check out some of the city’s fabulous sites. Many of the structures in this city were destroyed by the Nazis, but famous landmarks have been recreated and restored to celebrate Poland’s long and turbulent history.

Le Regina Hotel Poland HotelsCheck out Lazienki Park and Palace, the Chopin Monument (often used as a meeting place for musicians and a venue for concerts), the monument to the Heroes of the Ghetto and the Wilanow Palace.

After a long day exploring Warsaw, you should head back to La Rotisserie (Hotel MaMaison’s restaurant).  The chef typically serves classic French cuisine and all of the culinary treats are to die for. You won’t go wrong here. After dinner, enjoy a liqueur or a cigar. If you’re lucky enough to be staying here during the summer, be sure to sit outside in the courtyard.

We can’t imagine a better way to see Warsaw, one of Poland’s most interesting and exciting cities, than from Hotel MaMaison le Regina.

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