How to: Pack Like an Expert

- Sarah,

Packing is no easy task, especially with today’s carry-on restrictions and overweight luggage charges. We asked three different frequent travelers to share their top packing tips.

The Frequent Business Traveler

“I travel at least one week for business.  Often incorporating a couple of destinations at once, I need to be prepared for multiple climates and events. Office dress code is casual, but I need to make sure I have suitable attire for business dinners as well. To make packing quick and easy, there are a number of things that I keep in my carry-on.”


-A pair of flip flops – great for hot locations but they also double as slippers for any destination

-A smart shirt – this gets laundered every time I get home and put straight back in the suitcase. I generally pack a couple of others before I go,  but no matter how much of a rush I’m in, I always know I have one

-A warm undershirt – this actually rarely gets used, but there have been a few times when I haven’t managed to pack enough warm clothes for somewhere chilly, and this has been a lifesaver!”

The Holiday Addict

“I take many short holidays every year, and I am always terrified of forgetting something. Over the years I have made lists of what I need to take on every type of holiday, from a weekend city break to a few weeks on the beach. I keep a little notebook in the front of my favorite suitcase that I use while I’m packing to make sure that I don’t forget anything.”


-Keep a few sets of small bottles for shower gel & shampoo etc, the space you’ll save is enough for an extra pair of shoes

-Accessories are the best investment you can make, a big wide belt can easily transform a dress from beach wear to an evening dress

-Don’t over pack on jeans, two pairs should be able to cater to every occasion, I recommend one blue and one black, and wear one of these pairs on the flight, leaving way more room in your case

Long Term Traveler

“I recently decided to spend 6 months traveling, I’m not the backpacking type, instead I had planned to stay with friends around the world. This meant I had to pretty much pack my entire life into one 30kg suitcase. In the end I managed to pack  enough for three months into traveling without going over the airline weight limit.”


-Plan to layer, packing a few cardigans and lots of t-shirts gives you many more outfit options than packing sweaters.

-You can find some great black dresses in cotton – it takes up less space, is less prone to obvious wrinkling and it’s light

-Don’t fold. If you lay everything in your case with as little folding as possible you will  fit a lot more in

-Pack one type of item at a time, for instance pack all trousers at once, and alternate which way you face them this way you will balance out the thick and thin areas.

-Use small items to fill small spaces; as you pack look for any tiny little spaces that you can fill with things like underwear and socks, this way you use every last bit of space in your case.

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