I Casali di Monticchio: A Romantically Rural Italian Experience

- Karolin Koenig,

Immerse yourself in Italy’s romantic hills and landscape with a stay at I Casali di Monticchio, located in some of the nicest countryside around.

Ever wanted to live la dolce vita in supreme luxury and absolute style?

Imagine cruising along the panoramic roads of Umbria, Italy, behind the wheel of a true Italian beauty—a vintage Alfa Romeo perhaps.

While the wind softly flows through your hair, you take in the lush green chestnut groves and are awed by the rolling hills speckled with timeless castles. True perfection.

For people who want to be immersed in the romantic Italian hills, I Casali di Monticchio is the right place for you. With a City Escapes option, this chic rural delight can turn the aforementioned dream into reality; just one of the many reasons I Casali di Monticchio simply had to be included in the Kiwi Collection.

Consisting of four elegantly refurbished, traditional farmhouses, this luxury hotel in Italy offers an authentic taste of the Umbrian life.  Lodgings range from supreme and uniquely designed rooms to suites with kitchens as well as an independent farmhouse for those who rather more exclusivity: true rural living set in utmost luxury. I Casali di Monticchio

A part from its romantic location, I Casali di Montocchio also has an amazing cuisine where each dish is seasonally-oriented and spiced with herbs hand-picked from the hotel’s organic garden.

Guest’s who wish to rejuvenate their body and soul, and perhaps shed a couple of extra pounds, are welcome to take advantage of the real Medical Spa that offers personalized programs for detox, regeneration, or sliming treatments which are all supervised by medical staff.

With so many things to do, see, and experience in a country were laughter rings and Bacchus smiles, a stay at I Casali di Monticchio is guaranteed to make for a wonderful holiday.

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