If Blackbeard was a Luxury Traveler, Where Would he Spend his Shillings?

- Melissa Mewdell,

Blackbeard's Favourite Hotels in the Caribbean

Where would Blackbeard stay?

It’s a question that pops into all of our minds here at Kiwi Collection on “talk like a pirate day”.

We follow our favorite buccaneer of yesteryear, Blackbeard, on his route of war mongering and piracy, imagining where he would spend his gold shillings today after a long stretch at sea on the Queen Anne Revenge.

Half Moon Resort in Jamaica:

Before Blackbeard had any whiskers, he spent some time with his dad (also a British sailor) in Jamaica during the War of the Grand Alliance. Discussing wind speed, hurricanes and bowlines, it would have been quite normal for the then 8-year-old Edward Teach (later known as Blackbeard) to be swinging back goblets of more-rum-than-juice, learning all about the Caribbean from his father.

And what better place is there for some father-son bonding than Half Moon Resort? Located in the northern part of Jamaica, this resort is known for its family-friendly atmosphere.

Teach Senior and Teach Junior could have engaged in some rounds of golf at the Robert Trent Jones Sr. designed golf course, or enjoyed some shark-free time in one of the resort’s 51 swimming pools.

We’re pretty convinced that you won’t be able to get your eight-year-old a mug o’ rum at Half Moon Resort these days (social norms can be a bummer). But swimming with the dolphins? Horeseback ridding? These are but a few of the activities that keep guests amused at this gorgeous luxury resort today.

Sivory Punta Cana in the Dominican Republic:

Blackbeard didn’t learn all of his skills from his father, though. He had to figure out how to fight and sail on his own, crewing on a British warship during the War of the Spanish Succession. During the war, he spent lots of time in the Spanish West Indies, including the Dominican Republic.

It’s a little known fact, but Blackbeard really liked his food and wine (he wasn’t your average pirate).  So we figure during shore leave, Blackbeard would have spent some time at one of the DR’s most foodie-friendly resorts, Sivory Punta Cana.

Stocked with more than 8,000 bottles of the world’s finest wines, a lover of fine vino will find it impossible not to relax at this peaceful beach resort. And, with three restaurants to choose from (Laveranda Restaurant featuring Mediterranean cuisine, Gourmond Restaurant featuring French cuisine and Tau Restaurant featuring masterpieces for lovers of Asian fusion cuisine), you can really indulge after many a lean day at sea.

Some other Blackbeard approved hideouts in the Dominican Republic would be:

Sanctuary Cap Cana Golf and Spa Hotel

Casa Colonial Beach and Spa

Tortuga Bay at Puntacana Resort and Club

Charleston South Carolina: the Beard Gets Blacker

Unfortunately, all good things come to an end. In the case of Blackbeard, this included fighting in the War of the Spanish Succession, which kept him far too busy to take up plundering.

So, when the Brits pulled out of the war in 1713, he turned to a life of crime by singing up as crew on Pirate Benjamin Hornigold’s ship. Blackbeard was later elected Captain, renamed the ship the Queen Anne Revenge (yikes!) and he spent his days looting other boats for booze, money and guns.

Where did he commit the ultimate in looting? Charleston, South Carolina, of course.

This is where Blackbeard staged the famous Blockade of Charleston where he plundered five freighters and stopped any other ship from entering or leaving the harbor.

The Blockade of Charleston was certainly the highlight of Blackbeard’s career, and even for a quick holiday, he wouldn’t take his keen eye off of his pet project. So, we figure that Blackbeard would have chosen a nice resort right on the beach, like The Village at Wild Dunes, where he could keep one glass eye fixed on his business venture while enjoying a few mojitos.

This coastal resort has 120 rooms and suites – perfect for four ships worth of crew with varying interests. You can pretty much do as much or as little as you like at Wild Dunes, which makes it an attractive getaway for all types of travelers.

And, of course, for those who lead an active lifestyle (looting, plundering and swinging on ropes), no vacation is complete without a trip to the spa and fitness center.

Luckily, you can create your own “fitness retreat” including everything from yoga and other exercises to spa treatments, perfect for melting away a long day of gun wielding.

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