Inside My Carry-on: L.L. Bean Boat and Toting to Belize

- Megan Montenaro, Kiwi Collection's Director of Communications

You needn’t be a TSA agent to look inside the luggage of a fellow traveler. In our “Inside My Carry-on” series, we unzip for the Internet. Next up is Megan Montenaro’s Belize bound bag, accompanying her to Victoria House for a week of snorkeling, swimming and shark spotting.

1. LL Bean’s Boat and Tote – The bag itself is old school preppy. It fits everything I need and I don’t feel bad about shoving it under the seat in front of me. I recently spotted a stylish Manhattanite carrying a camouflage version with bright orange monogrammed initials, I might be upgrading to that soon.

2. Laptop Wrapped in Wood Wood Suede Case – My 13-inch Macbook air is so lightweight it’s temping to just throw it around. I finally found the perfect carrying case to provide a little protection, this suede laptop case by Wood Wood.

3. Fresh Rose Marigold Floral Water – Years ago someone gave me Shu Eumura’s Depsea Rosemary Mist and I was soon addicted to idea of constantly refreshing my face on planes. I can’t find it anymore, so now I’m using Fresh’s Rose Marigold Floral Water.

4. Cocoon CoolMax Travel Blanket – I’ve never without this blanket no matter my destination. It’s amazingly warm for how small and lightweight it is. I’ve been known to bust it out in the hotel as well, and in a pinch you can fashion it into a scarf or a sarong.

5. J.Crew Marled Camp Socks – About a year ago my feet lost their ability to stay warm above 20,000ft so I started throwing these J.Crew socks in my bag instead of relying on the icky blankets to warm my toes.

6. Magazines – I go through phases of being able to concentrate long enough to actually read a book. Unfortunately I’m not in one of those right now even though I have stack that I want to read. On this particular trip I have many April issues including favorites InStyle and Dwell.

7. Gap hat – Even though I sport short locks (Michelle Williams and Robin Wright are my current hair muses), I’m not always in the mood to “do” my hair, especially since my flight was at 5:45 a.m. Sometimes difficult to find stylish feminine hats, I found a favorite from the Gap of all places. It’s the perfect size and has cute floral ribbon trim.

8. Almonds – My loved ones call me “Turn on a Dime” because conversations surrounding meals, especially when traveling, often go like this:

My travel companion: Are you hungry?
Me: No.
(10 minutes pass)
Me: Oh my God, when are we eating?!

To the delight of my stomach and whomever I’m with, I’ve made it a habit to always carry almonds with me. Always.

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