Inspiring Inventions – The HUV

- Nadia Mah,

The HUV Project is a non-profit organization just trying to make the world a better place, one Homeless Utility Vehicle at a time. The project is providing mobile temporary shelters units to people around the world that have been affected by disasters. The immediate need is in counties like Haiti, after the magnitude 7.0 earthquake rocked the nation. The HUVs are extremely cost effective and can save the lives of many homeless people around the world.

“The use of the HUV increases options for individuals devastated by disaster, by acting as an independent home-base unit. While allowing mobility, the HUV provides an opportunity to elevate a homeless individual’s self-perception and esteem. The homeless face social stigma, with limited choices in living accommodations; the HUV aims to provide an increased sense of independence, while reducing negative self-perceptions, stimulating hope, and redefining the public perception of homelessness.” – Stephen Mills, Founder & Inventor

The HUV Project plans to raise sufficient funds to manufacture and distribute thousands of HUVs to Haiti. The immediate benefit to needy Haitians grants them the opportunity to sleep above ground, store and transport personal belongings, and escape the squalor of the makeshift tent camps. Once production and distribution is in place, the project will continue to provide HUVs to other needy regions in the world.

HUV FundraisingThe HUV Project has many ways they are trying to fund raise to do good for the world including the RAM tour – a charity tour with the Haitian band RAM, private donations and seeking the help of grants. If you’d like to donate to a good cause, visit

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