Kiwi Experts: Megan Montenaro’s 5 Favorite Hotels

- Megan Montenaro, Kiwi Collection's Director of Communications

Where in the world do our well-traveled Kiwi Experts most like to overnight? Every Thursday, a different expert dishes on their five favorite hotels. This week it’s our Director of Communications Megan Montenaro, an aficionado of hotel-made hot chocolate.

1. One&Only Palmilla, San José del Cabo, Mexico
I am fond of resorts where you can wander around feeling like you’re the only guest on the property and your building is the only one in the world. That’s what it’s like when you stay here. The personalized treatment is constant and beyond perfection without being the least bit intrusive. From the day bed on the balcony to the spa, and everything in between, each detail is gorgeously appointed with extra care to honor local tradition and custom. I especially like the gesture the entire staff used, bringing their hand to their heart, when they greeted you.

2. Hotel Principe di Savoia Milano, Milan, Italy
As much as I love peaceful tranquility with ocean views, I’m quite fond of this elegant hotel centrally located in the heart of Milan. Whether it’s delicious Parma ham and eggs for breakfast, their well-manicured grounds or the people watching, it’s a feast for the senses at every turn.

3. The Peninsula, Chicago, Illinois
I had the best meal of my life (not counting my mother’s famous meatballs) here, and at that meal I adopted my current M.O. of “I’ll try anything once.” Growing up in the Midwest, I have a special affection for the city of Chicago and the memories associated with staying at this hotel. If there were ever a place I would want to hide away in for a few hours (months?) it would be their spa.

4. Montage Beverly Hills, Los Angeles, California
As a New Yorker I have a habit of turning my nose up at LA for always being such a scene. When I’m there on business I want to go to my meetings, avoid traffic, spend some quality time with my friends and sleep well. There’s no place better for all of that than this hotel. I love the amazingly convenient location coupled with its quiet atmosphere and Old Hollywood feel. The views from the rooftop are amazing and the bathrooms were out of this world. I love a good bathroom!

5. The Bowery Hotel, New York, New York
I’ve lived in the Big Apple for 13 years, and although I don’t think I’ve actually stayed over night in one of the city’s hotels, I’ve spent enough time in them to have many front runners. If I had to chose just one to make this list, it would be The Bowery. Its industrial design is clean and simple and fits perfectly within the surrounding neighborhood. I make it a point to look up at its Factory-style windows every time I walk by. Whether it be day-long management meetings, company dinners, drinks with friends or Sunday brunch dates, this hotel has something for my every appointment.

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