Kiwi Insider Gets the Scoop on the New SLS Hotel at Beverly Hills

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As I landed at the Los Angeles airport, I had butterflies just thinking about the event I would be attending that evening. My chauffeur, Yuri, sent from the SLS Hotel at Beverly Hills to pick me up, filled me on all the hype.

Apparently this truly was going to be the “party of the century”. Arriving around 4 p.m. for check in on Thurs. Dec. 4, crews were busy preparing for the SLS Hotel at Beverly Hills’ grand opening. The traffic was blocked off while the “red carpet” was being laid out for the grand opening.

Roughly 1,000 guests were invited, however staff at the hotel was expecting at least 1,500 — that’s what happens when everyone wants to attend the exclusive invite only party.

From the valet staff, to the door men, to the front desk staff and the bell men — everyone was absolutely delightful and in such a great mood.  As I later discovered, it wasn’t just because of the grand opening either, the personalized attention and VIP treatment continued throughout my stay over the weekend.

The grand opening party started with a Dom Perignon reception, it was flowing freely and most suitable for this type of red carpet affair. Guests excitedly mingled in tuxedos and cocktail dresses in the lively porte cochere.

SLS Hotel at Beverly Hills Las Angeles HotelsThe vibe was incredible and everyone was filled with anticipation of what the new SLS Hotel at Beverly Hills had in store. Media coverage of this event was extensive. I was watching a clip of it on Entertainment Tonight after the party.

Before the unveiling; there were some very passionate speeches by SBE executives, owner Sam Nazarian and Executive Chef, Jose Andres. Their emotions truly showed their commitment to this hotel and the quality service promised to their guests.

As the doors opened to the hotel everyone politely “scrambled” into the lounge and lobby. The party extended all throughout the main floor; into Tres, Patisserie, Bar Centro and Rojo y Blanca (The Bazaar) as well as to the rooftop pool area: Altitude.

The cuisine was exquisite; from caviar cones to infused olives to the most amazing handmade chocolates. General Manager Philip Dailey was scrambling to ensure everyone was well taken care of and really enjoying the party. As well, Executive Chef Jose Andres was busy mingling with party goers while we all devoured his culinary creations.

The design of the hotel cannot be described in one word, or one sentence for that matter. It’s unique, bazaar, elegant, decadent, sophisticated, quirky and luxurious — and so many more things that MUST be experienced firsthand.

The attention to detail is unlike anything I have ever seen. The location of the hotel is perfect, especially if you are in to shopping and restaurants. It’s very close to Rodeo Drive, The Grove, Beverly Centre, etc.  There are so many different vibes in each area of the hotel that a weeklong stay would never get boring.

If you have the opportunity to take the Mercedes Jet Limo, courtesy of the hotel, I would highly recommend it! This new hotel has truly set a new standard in luxury accommodations in Los Angeles.

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