Liquid Christmas Cake, The Perfect Gift

- Nadia Mah,

Glenfiddich may be the world’s most recognized single malt Scotch whiskey, but that doesn’t mean they sit on their peaty laurels. It is 9 A.M. and Ian Millar, Glenfiddich’s Brand Ambassador, is contemplating breakfast items that might match the malts he is about to pour for tasting. There are the 12, 15, 18 and 21 year old whiskeys, and a surprise visitor, the rare 1975 bottling.

Ian Millar, Glenfidich

It was not so long ago that Glenfiddich was the only single malt available in North America in any volume. It was followed by Glenlivet, and soon a plethora of offerings arrived. But The Glenfiddich has retained pride of place as the world’s leading single malt brand, through hard work and an almost adventurous program at the distillery.

The 15-year old, for example. “It is almost like liquid Christmas cake,” Ian enthuses, and one taste tells you he has it right. “It received a bit more European oak, all new, and some older Spanish oak for four months, after the original aging process.” The 21-year old has its own regimen of oak, not dissimilar to the 12 and 18, but along with the extra age, there is a four month stay in Caribbean rum casks, imparting a wonderful roundness and spice to the whiskey. As it turns out, this is an almost ideal accompaniment to a chocolate brioche.