May flowers + a fantastic cocktail = perfection

- Nicole Humphries-Voorhoeve, Guest Blogger

I think it would be safe to say that a few of us at Kiwi Collection take the saying “April showers bring May flowers” very seriously. So you can imagine my excitement when I heard about a new cocktail at Dukes Hotel in honor of the Chelsea Flower Show, which takes place from May 25th – 29th.

What does that mean exactly, you might be wondering?

Well, this year the famous Dukes Martini is getting a “flower show makeover.” It is being transformed into the Wild Flower Martini. How fitting.

By the way, Dukes Hotel is where Ian Fleming – original creator of “James Bond” – always drank his favorite Martini’s.

If you want to try a Wild Flower Martini yourself but won’t (unfortunately) be in London, here are the top-secret ingredients:

Rose Vodka
Strawberry liqueur
Rose’s Lime Cordial
Elder Flower liqueur
Cranberry Juice
Fresh Chili

Serve stirred, definitely not shaken!

I was also fascinated by the news that Dukes Hotel has launched ‘Duchess Rooms,’ a “discreet service tailored to female business and leisure guests.”

Keep in mind that Dukes is situated in London’s St James’s area – AKA: Gentlemen’s Club territory.

Now, however, when women are traveling alone, the following “feminine touches” are what they can expect:

•    A personal welcome card from the female General Manager, Debrah Dhugga

•    A female room attendant escorts guests to their rooms and handles all room service and housekeeping requirements

•    Makeup mirror, hair dyer and styling accessories are positioned within easy reach from the dressing table

•    Female slippers

•    Fresh flowers to brighten every room and a complementary fruit bowl is on offer

•    Female amenities, including a sewing kit, are in every bathroom

•    A choice of glossy lifestyle magazines are laid out on the dresser or coffee table

•    A quiet corner table is allocated to female guests dining alone, when available

Ladies – wouldn’t that be lovely?

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