Meadowood is the Perfect Californian Escape for Families

- Melissa Mewdell,

Located right in the heart of the Napa Valley – California’s wine region, Meadowood is perfect for family vacations, offering excellent service for guests of all ages. VP of Partnerships at TripAdvisor, Nathan Clapton, stayed at this property with his wife and young son.

Meadowood is tucked away off the Silverado Trail in St Helena. St Helena is a nice town, however if you are staying at Meadowood it is hard to build up the enthusiasm to go anywhere else.

My wife and I stayed for three nights with our 2 year old son. We realized that this was going to be special when not only had Meadowood provided toweling robes for us but also for our 2 year old.

He looked very cute in it! The room was spacious, fresh and had central air – we had a tree line cottage, no 37. It was very pleasant to sit out on the deck at dusk drinking a glass of wine. Inside, the highlights were: a very comfortable big bed; paper, wood and kindling sitting in the hearth all ready to go; a high mantelpiece so we could put keys, money and snacks out of our son’s reach; lots of light and double sinks in the bathroom.

The Michelin 2 star Restaurant  was excellent – the tasting menu was delightful, especially the foie gras and the waiter replaced our host’s dropped napkin before he even realized he’d dropped it!

Meadowood in Napa Valley, CaliforniaAll that excellence comes at a price – however given the level of service and quality, I can still say it is good value.

The best feature, for us, was the family pool area. Meadowood has 2 pools – a lap pool for grown-ups and a round family pool.

Our son had his first tentative swim with a float – all floats and pool toys are provided.

What differentiates Meadowood from other hotels is the service – we were given our own itinerary of the activities that the hotel had arranged, they offered to help track down a suit I had left at a hotel in Yosemite, and they asked us what time we would like the room serviced and the beds turned down so no having to tell maid service to go away when you are in flagrante!

I’d highly recommend a stay at this luxury hotel in California. If you want to learn more, there’s another review of Meadowood on the Jetsetter for you to read.

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