Men About Salone del Mobile, Milan: Baccarat Preview

- Kiwi Collection, Guest Post

Lights, camera, Baccarat action for our men on the ground at Salone Internazionale del Mobile, a.k.a. Milan Design Week. Quite literary, as they saw the latest luxury lighting made for Baccarat and brought a camera.

Our foreign correspondents: Vancouver-based interior designers, Chad Falkenberg and Kelly Reynolds. Two men known to dress themselves as stylishly as they dress rooms. In other words, they suit their short-term Milan surroundings like a lion does the Serengeti’s dry grasses.

Day 1 entailed strolling the city (temp: 25°C), a stop-in at DSquared and preview of Baccarat beauties to whet the palate for the legendary brand’s big shindig tomorrow night.

Herewith, a first look at some lights that could very soon illuminate rooms and restaurants in a design hotel near you.

Candy Light, Jamie Hayon (Chad’s favourite)

Fibre de Cristal collection, Alain Moatti + Henri Rivière

Sfera, Michele De Lucchi

Jardin de Cristal collection, Yann Kersalé

Sora, Eriko Horiki

  1. The collection that Baccarat is presenting at Milan Design Week it’s really nice. It’s very shiny and every light is unique. Great cover from your foreign correspondents. Fantastic!

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