Men About Salone del Mobile, Milan: The Prolific Patricia Urquiola

- Kiwi Collection, Guest Post

During fashion week, Miuccia Prada is Queen of Milan, but during design week another woman is bestowed the imaginary crown.

With Day 2 under their new Italian leather belts, our men of Salone del Mobile, interior designers Chad Falkenberg and Kelly Reynolds, report that Patricia Urquiola, the Spanish designer made honorary Milanese since moving there, is toast of the town. She’s showing an impressive range of work for a wine cellar’s worth of big manufacturers, including Kartel, Kettle, Morosso and Molteni & Co. (and that was just what they saw in exhibition halls 16 and 20).

Biknit armchair and chaise, Patricia Urquiola for Morosso

Redondo, Patricia Urquiola for Morosso

Night & Day, Patricia Urquiola for Molteni & Co.

Vieques, Patricia Urquiola for Kettel

And what of the scene surrounding the designs at i Saloni? Says Chad, “There is obvious pressure for the manufacturers to make deals with the retailers who flock here from around the globe. The international design media clamour to get sound bites from the designers who are elevating labels to superstardom. But a number of people at the fair are interior designers and architects like us who are here to simply admire and rally around the creative genius of product designers like Queen Patricia.”

All hail a queen that makes her own thrones for civilians to sit upon.

  1. trendoffice says:

    One of the best texts for Urquiola that I have read, and I follow everything, because since her appearance several years ago she is my favorite designer. Every year at Salone she is showing an impressive range of work, but now I am a little disappointed with her Biknit armchair and chaise – although a logical result of her latest direction of work, I still cannot accept that she is moving away from her exquisite designs.

  2. So great to see Chad & Kelly sharing their inside view on this year’s show. With the economic changes internationally, this year’s show proves to be a good example that the design industry is pushing through it all with innovation. Love the work of Patricia Urquiola, she is an inspiration, a woman in design who always pushes an idea outside the box with exceptional execution.

  3. Brady Stump says:

    Very interesting.