Men About Salone del Mobile, Milan: Tortona Time

- Kiwi Collection, Guest Post

A drop-in on Tortona Design Week was day 3 for our intrepid reporters slash interior designers Chad Falkenberg and Kelly Reynolds.

Tortona runs concurrent to Salone del Mobile and highlights the area between Via Savona, Via Tortona and Via Stendhal, not far from Leonardo’s canals. Chad offers these notes and photos:

Tortona goes far beyond selling the latest products. Companies try to out-experience each other. German outdoor furniture maker Dedon made a rainforest out of vacuum hoses to present their new hanging lounger “Nest Rest” in a Swiss Family Robinson-style interactive installation.

Toshiba partnered with DGT Architects to create a minimalist installation of LEDs and water titled “Luce Tempo Luogo” or translated in English, “Light Time Place”.

The most impressive installation we came across that day at the Temporary Museum of New Design was from lighting manufacturer Foscarini. A stunning light show using their most iconic hanging lamps responding to music. Simple, but on a scale that set them apart.

As the Italians would say, bellissimo.

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