Must-Have Travel Luggage for Jetsetters

- Rory Taylor Coulter, Creator of, a carefully curated lifestyle blog.

You just jetted in from Morocco and now you’re off to France. Whether you’re heading to Biarritz for the surf, Courchevel for the snow, Paris for the shows, or Saint-Tropez for the sun, one thing’s for certain– you’re a jet setter.

You travel in style, but which style?  We’ve put together the best luggage options, complete with do’s and don’ts, perfectly suited for The Adventurer, The Executive, The Fashionista, The Minimalist, and The Romantic.

The Adventurer

Heliskiing in BC, spear fishing amidst sharks in the Red Sea, surfing in Rapa Nui, climbing Corcovado in Patagonia— just another day for the modern Indiana Jones.

Do: Leave room for precious artifacts (perhaps the Holy Grail) found along the way.

Don’t: Risk throwing your back out, unless you’re wrestling a crocodile.

Luggage Recommendation: Opt for a tough canvas utility duffel with leather trim from Belstaff, Filson, or Mismo.

Filson Duffel Bag

The Executive

Billion dollar acquisitions don’t make you sweat, so carting around luggage shouldn’t either.

Do: Exit the belly of the beast with your personal brand intact.

Don’t: Forget to delegate luggage responsibilities to your juniors.

Luggage: Opt for a simple portfolio or streamlined attaché case from Brunello Cucinelli, Hermés, or Valextra.

Hermes Document Holder

The Fashionista

Muse to many, you debuted at the Crillon Ball and will likely elope with a prince.

Do: Remember designers are falling over themselves to dress you. You don’t have to bring your entire vintage couture collection to the Jardin de Tuileries each season.

Don’t: Check anything too highly covetable. Like certain trends, luggage has a way of suddenly disappearing.

Luggage Recommendation: Opt for a chic hardback luggage set from Globe-Trotter, Prada, or Rimowa.

Globe-Trotter Safari Collection

The Minimalist

With such a refined aesthetic, you know exactly what you like and demand nothing more or less.

Do: Maintain a well edited wardrobe and avail of your hotel’s laundry service.

Don’t: Check your bag. Ever.

Luggage Recommendation: Opt for an unembellished soft-sided valise in a dark nylon from Coperto, Hervé Chapelier, or Porter.

Porter Boston Bag

The Romantic

The days of bright young things stealing off to Europe aboard Transatlantic ocean liners may be a thing of the past, but you’ll always prefer café society to the modern jet set.

Ensure you have every conceivable creature comfort at your disposal.

Don’t: Forget to tip your porter handsomely.

Luggage Recommendation: Opt for a vintage bespoke steamer trunk from Asprey, Goyard, or Louis Vuitton. It will double as a beautiful table on weekend jaunts in the countryside or desert nights with the Bedouins.

Vintage Louis Vuitton Trunk

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  2. lauren says:

    Oooh, I’m totally the romantic traveller! Your descriptions conjure such great imagery. I’m inspired to travel now-any suggestions for far-off romantic destinations with unique hotels?

  3. ret says:

    Very cool. I’m ditching the roller and picking up a real bag. Thanks for the advice!

  4. ret says:

    Did it. Got myself a custom leather duffel from a little store in Greenwich Village. It is made to order and half as much as some of the others I looked at :)

  5. Jenny Schanzel says:

    Great article! Keep them coming!!!

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