New Hotels in Belize with Kiwi Collection

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A few new hotels in sunny Belize have joined the Kiwi Collection. Learn all about them and why Belize should be included in your vacation plans this year.

Belize—an immaculate sanctuary that harbors some of the world’s most curious creatures and rejuvenates even the most tired of souls.

Imagine mindlessly peering through turquoise waters and silently observing the animate coral reefs. Enticed by the colorful flashes you simply dip into the lukewarm waters and are instantaneously immersed in a new world under the sea.

Explore tropical rainforests that harbor age-old ruins of civilizations that are long gone, and later that same day, dive into the depths of the deep blue sea. If you have always wanted to discover a piece of paradise where endless possibilities await, then Belize should definitely be one of your vacation destinations this year.

Blancaneaux Lodge:

Get lost in the natural beauty and vacation in actual elegance at Blancaneaux Lodge.

This luxury lodge in Belize is a jungle retreat set amidst cascading waterfalls and a forest that safeguards ancient Mayan mysteries…of course, all while offering all the modern comforts we’ve all come to expect.

This self-sustained jungle retreat meets a myriad of desires and needs; for those seeking inspiration, Blancaneaux Lodge’s Enchanted Cottage would serve as an ideal luxury experience. As the cottage is set atop a bluff, guests can enjoy panoramic views of the landscape.

Chan Chich Lodge:

To further retrace to steps of the Maya and relax among the exotic wildlife of the jungle, Chan Chich Lodge is situated in of the Mayan Forest—a destination for many eco-tourists and nature lovers.

Built on a Mayan Plaza and consisting of 12 cabanas and one exquisite 12 bedroom Villa, Chan Chich Lodge is equipped to fulfill every whim and desire.

At the end of a day spent exploring your surroundings and discovering the sights and sounds of pristine Belizean nature, relax by the pool with your favorite martini.

The Turtle Inn:

If you are looking for a veritable beach vacation The Turtle Inn is located in a more fitting location. This luxury resort, conversely, lies against the shores of the Belize’s southern coast and coconut trees.

Wake up each morning sipping your coffee while observing the Caribbean ocean gently toy with the powdered sand.

Turtle Inn is comprised of 18 bungalows that mimic the style of Balinese thatched huts and traditional handcrafted furnishings.  Along with an exclusive waterfront location, this luxury retreat offers two divine restaurants, a regenerating spa, and numerous thrilling activities close by.

As always, Kiwi Collection has a myriad of hotels to choose from. Here are some other fabulous hotels to explore in Belize:

Cayo Espanto, Victoria House, Chaa Creek

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