Out of the Ordinary: Offbeat(en) Paths

- Joy Pecknold, Passport blog editor

The intersecting lines, and lives, at Broadway and Seventh Avenue in New York City, or the curving stone corridors of Venice, Italy, are oft tread. These are bucket list boulevards, for sure, but there’s magic in strolling a lately laid track or unusual promenade. Herewith, three for the road:

New York City, New York: The High Line

The raised railway was built in the 1930s to take menacing freight trains off Manhattan streets. In 2009, it debuted its new purpose as a walkway above it all. Artfully designed and landscaped with plants and places to rest pedestrian caboose.

Benidorm, Spain: Paseo Marítimo de la Playa Poniente

Once a less than inspiring promenade of pavement, Playa Poniente was put right again in 2009 with an unconventional, colourful and shapely walkway design that gives nod to Gaudí.

Beni, Nepal: Guerilla Trek

No, that’s not ape typo and this isn’t any old walk in the park. The 13-day trek allows adventurers to follow in Maoist fighters’ footpaths now that the decade long civil strife has ceased and peace returned. Fly into Kathmandu and backpack from Beni to Sulichaur with Swiss Nepal Family Trekking taking you through picturesque plateaus and now quiet rebel camps.

Walk on, uncommonly.

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