Overnight Sensations – The Americas hits shelves in time for Holidays

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Exciting news hot off the presses from Kiwi Collection…a new second edition of the highly acclaimed “Overnight Sensations: The Americas” book is set to be launched to bookstores and online retailers in time for the upcoming holiday season, with guaranteed delivery on/before December 15, 2008 for all pre-orders received before the December 1 official launch date.

This book is one of the single greatest resources to luxury accomodations in the Americas and the write-ups and imagery contained within the pages of this new tome are simply spell-binding! Chalk full with new information, this book will be the definitive resource to the most amazing luxury experiences found in the Americas.

Join celebrities, heads of state and other VIP’s who clamour to receive copies of this extrordinary and stunning book by pre-ordering your copy today on the Kiwi Collection online store for a mere $99.

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NEW YORK (September 30, 2008) – Kiwi Collection’s latest luxury travel book hits coffee tables December 1, 2008.

The definitive guide to the Americas’ most unique luxury experiences, Overnight Sensations: The Americas, 2nd edition takes the reader on a journey ranging from a 19th Century Bathhouse deep in the Colorado Rockies at Dunton Hot Springs, to observation platforms high up in the Amazon Rainforest for glimpses of flora and fauna otherwise impossible to see from ground level, thanks to efforts of the Inkaterra Reserva Amazonica in Peru.

In Chile, Explora en Rapa Nui, allows you to stylishly explore the world’s most fabled island, which is home to a culture whose origins are still unknown. While the new Palms Place Resort & Spa in Las Vegas redefines the casino experience by offering a resort sanctuary free of gaming machines with sweeping landscape views and ultra cool rooftop cabanas.

This latest addition to the Kiwi Collection library is the single largest compilation of luxury accommodation of its kind with over 1,000 gallery-worthy images and contributions from award-winning photographers and writers. A momentary “escape” for readers, the Overnight Sensations series entices you to travel the globe and explore both celebrated and undiscovered destinations. Avoid the middle man and speak to your hotel of choice directly by using the book’s handy contact index, or make your reservation through the Kiwi Collection website and secure VIP amenities and free upgrades.

Overnight Sensations graces the coffee tables and bookshelves of the likes of Bill Clinton, Madonna, Jennifer Aniston and the Swedish Royal Family. Celebrities and discerning travelers alike have been drawn to these beautiful hardcover books.

The ultimate stocking-filler for the quintessential traveler, pre-order your copy now and receive guaranteed delivery before the 15th December. Overnight Sensations: The Americas, 2nd edition, retails for $99 US and is available for purchase from Kiwi Collection’s Online Store at http://www.kiwicollection.com/store.php and http://www.amazon.com, as well as at selected participating hotels and retail stores across the globe. Past editions of Overnight Sensations include experiences throughout Asia Pacific and Europe Middle East Africa.

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  1. Fiona Ives says:

    I am trying to get hold of a copy of the asia pacific overnight sensations where the book cover was of the hote Eugene in Bangkok, are you able to assist in tracing a copy regards


  2. Melanie Zieba says:

    If you haven’t already, you can purchase a copy of our book Overnight Sensations Asia Pacific from our Kiwi Collection Store here:

    Unfortunately we do not have Hotel Eugene in our collection. Are you thinking of The Eugenia in Bangkok? As an option to hotels featured in our books they can have their own custom jackets made which is what you might have seen. To purchase the book with that specific cover jacket (the content inside is all the same) you will have to contact the hotel directly.

    If The Eugenia in Bangkok is actually the hotel that you were thinking of you can contact them from our form here:

  3. Suzy Mort says:

    We came across your divine book at the Royal Livingstone Hotel in Zambia. This particular book, Europe Middle East Africa, featured the Royal Livingstone on it’s cover. We would very much like to purchase this particular book, as the Royal Livingstone has a special place in our heart. Please could you assist me with where to find it?
    Thank you
    Suzy Mort

  4. Amy Chan says:

    Hi Suzy,

    The book is sold on Amazon. There are three books in the series, and the one you are looking for is one that covers Europe, Middle East and Africa. Here is the link: http://www.amazon.com/Overnight-Sensations-Europe-Discerning-Traveler/dp/0811873080/ref=pd_bxgy_b_img_c