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- Andrea Lemon, Vice President of Sales for Kiwi Collection

When I travel to a hot location I want to experience more than just the good weather. I had the opportunity to spend two nights at the Parker Palm Springs and not only did I get the heat but I also had an unforgettable time!

Located in the desert like climate of Palm Springs CA, the Parker Palm Springs has a very private and exclusive feeling while also being close to the city centre.

Upon entering the resort I was greeted by the most welcoming staff whom also were all quite complimentary to the overall look and feel of the Parker. Rich with a very colorful history, “Formerly Gene Autry’s Melody Ranch and Merv Griffin’s Givenchy Resort and Spa, the Parker Palm Springs is situated on thirteen acres of landscaped gardens surrounded by the desert and mountains”. The Parker has a very fun energy to the entire hotel. The smile I had as soon as I arrived didn’t leave my face at any point during my stay.

My room was a private villa that lead out to a private poolside area. A wall to wall mirror in the bathroom filed the whole villa with light making the room feel very open and relaxing. It was extremely comfortable and clean with the most amazing decor. A very thoughtfully stacked mini fridge, unique wall art and artistically themed coffee table books were just some of the tiny details that made my room a delight to be in. I had everything I needed to carry out any type of travel, an iron and ironing board were present had I intended on attending a conference as well as enough ( might I add quiet beautiful ) furniture to entertain more than one guest were also tastefully picked out for the villa.


When I wasn’t poolside I checked out the Lemonade Stand, famous for its muddled lemonade, which was suggested to me upon arrival by the friendly people at the front desk. I relaxed at the lemonade stand for a long time as I soaked up the sun and the properties history that the staff informed me about.

I felt like I was in a dream where every staff member was there to provide me and only me with a hotel experience that is only provided to celebrities when they frequent the Parker.

Another wonderful feature of the Parker is the well-maintained grounds. I spent some time walking along its Palm tree trimmed paths taking in some of the beautiful set ups they had going on such as a life size chess set, outdoor fire pit lined with comfy chairs for unwinding in as well as the second pool located not too far from the first one that my room had access too.


I also took some time to take in the infamous menu at the Parker. The food was not only a feast for my stomach but my eyes as well. Everything I ordered was just as much about the presentation as it was about the taste.

The Parker Palm Springs left me with the best memories and the urge to return back as soon as possible! It truly is an amazing place that I would recommend to anyone who is looking for first class service and an unforgettable stay.

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  1. AmyFabulous says:

    Private villa – ahh tough life. The Lemonade stand makes me want to fly down there right now. Looking forward to Coachella and will definitely swing by this hotel, by the sounds of your post, it seems like it is a must see!

    Thanks for sharing this post.

  2. Jason Hill says:

    This is a Beautiful Property with alot of history also.
    Before this was the Parker it was Merv Griffins Hotel and Givachy Spa.
    Just about every celebrity you can think of has stayed here at one time or another since it opened up as Gene Autrys Melody ranch back in the the 50s or 60s (unsure).
    Very Exclusive.