Peru: Perfection Here is Found in Nature’s Natural Wonders

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The Anaconda Walk – shown – includes a 200-yard wood bridge built over Peru‘s Aguajales wetlands close to Inkaterra Reserva Amazonica.

The bridge has four sections and three platforms, allowing you to experience firsthand the biodiversity and wildlife in this fascinating ecosystem: the wide variety of flora and fauna species in this area includes the low foliage Heliconia plants, Renaco trees, two-toned Elachistochleis toads and Gonatodes lizards.

Inkaterra Reserva Amazonica jungle lodge is on the shores of the Madre de Dios River (Tambopata) in Peru’s southern Amazon rainforest basin. You check in at Butterfly House, so-called because Peru is home to over 3,700 species of butterflies, the greatest number in the world. The Butterfly House has a butterfly garden and information center offering an interactive experience with these fascinating colourful creatures. You can watch larvae being grown in the laboratory and observe butterflies in their natural habitat whilst sipping a drink in the center’s large garden.

At Inkaterra Reserva Amazonica jungle lodge you will find the Tambopata Suites, Ese’ Eja-style wooden cabañas, offer the ultimate rainforest retreat. You have a private plunge pool and terrace plus a hidden outdoor shower, which allows the mystique of the jungle to be embraced in elegant seclusion. A tall roof of fishtail palm tops four integrated rooms in your suite. The bathroom is open plan, and the toiletries are eco-friendly.

Jose Koechlin von Stein started Lima-based Inkaterra in 1975, and it remains led by the family, namely his wife Deny and her children Ignacio and Sandra. It is the pre-eminent Peruvian sustainable tourism organization, focusing on preserving and rescuing Peru’s geography, nature, customs and cultures and sharing them with the world. Inkaterra also runs Inkaterra Machu Picchu, in a 20-acre luxury mountainside refuge within the cloud forest, near its namesake, plus Inkaterra La Casona, in the heart of historic Cusco. In addition, in a quaint hamlet in the Sacred Valley of the Incas, you have Villas Urubamba, which offer the experience of staying in what seems like a private Peruvian home, and, the newest baby, Titilaca, on Lake Titicaca, the world’s highest navigable lake.

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