Photo Op: The Antarctic Adventures of a Young Eco-Activist

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At 17 years of age, Alisha Fredriksson has already lived in four countries, started a jewelry business and won six rhythmic gymnastics championships. Also an eco-activist in the making, she participated in a recent Antarctic expedition. She shares cute pics of penguins with us (and tales of her travels too).

Traveling with 59 students and 30 educators from around the world, I was fortunate enough to participate in the Students on Ice Youth Antarctic Expedition, a ten-day adventure exploring the Antarctic Peninsula. Regurgitating penguins, ineffable scenery, breaching whales, sleepy seals, inspirational teachers, and wonderful friends are just some of the ways to describe the experience. Herewith, a few photographs to encapsulate a thousand more words.

Left, sailing through Antarctic waters aboard the M/V Ushuaia. Right, an Adélie penguin feeding her young.

Two Adélie penguins porpoising.

A baby gentoo penguin reaching up lovingly to its mother.

An ice shelf at sunset.

A contented Weddel seal.

For more of Alisha’s story, read the recent Globe and Mail profile, “Little Penguins Inspire Teen Activist”.
For more adorable penguins, check out Discovery Channel’s
Frozen Planet Penguin Cam live streaming from SeaWorld San Diego.

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