Picture Perfect Melbourne Hosts Inaugural Twilight Grand Prix

- John Nielsen, For John Nielsen, luxury hospitality and tourism has been part of his life since he recalls. Having been fortunate to travel extensively during his childhood in Denmark, it was almost a natural choice for John to join the Scandinavian travel company, Spies Travels in 1983. This journey and a beginning of his career, took John to Madeira & Portugal, where he gained his love of luxury hotels. From there three years were spent studying in Switzerland, then to South Korea at Hotel Lotte, to Hong Kong with hotels including the Mandarin Oriental and Grand Hyatt Hong Kong, Hyatt Carlton Tower in London, Ritz-Carlton Kuala Lumpur, Crown Towers in Melbourne and Grand Hyatt Melbourne. Throughout the years in senior management John developed a passion for wine and in 1998 co-founded Liquid Assets Wine Storage in Melbourne. In 2006 John joined Kiwi Collection as a Regional Director in Asia Pacific and today continues to consult as well as contribute to WOW Travel. John recently completed his Master of Business with an added Master Degree in Tourism. These days John is based in Melbourne with his family, working for the Australian PGA Links company as General Manager of Hospitality. The travel bug will forever stay and with family based across three continents, there is always a good excuse to seek out new destinations and new wines.

Kiwi Insider John Nielsen visited Melbourne for its inaugural Grand Prix (which was held from March 26 -29). What an excellent reason to travel to Melbourne. When traveling here, be sure to stay in the best hotels in Melbourne for the perfect luxury experience!

grand-prix-melbourne-2009It’s an almost surreal feeling as I sit down on the banks on Albert Park Lake in Melbourne. The swans and ducks flitter around the lake with a few smaller sailing boats flapping their colorful sails in the wind, the sun is slowly setting on the skyline of Melbourne, it feels like I am miles away, when the roar of the Formula 1 car’s blaze down the stretch as they warm up to compete in Melbourne Grand Prix, the inaugural twilight GP held between March x and x this year.

The city has really turned it on for the visiting teams and spectators, stunning weather conditions of 78 degrees and clear blue skies have brought out eager racing fans who are soaking up the sun and Champagne.

Around the track the entertainment on offer ranges from go-carts for the kids to interactive F1 exhibitions and plenty of dining options. The mood is buoyant, plenty of laughs and smiling fan’s, dressed up to the occasion in all colors of the F1 teams – from the classic red of Ferrari to the bight orange of the McLaren team, and even one gentleman decked out in a wedding dress, the F1 circus is for sure in town.

Out of almost no-where arrives the amazing sight of a Royal Australian Air Force F18 fighter; the crowd looks up almost dumbstruck with sight of this impressive fighter-jet who makes more noise then the cars. Slightly slower, but as impressive is the Qantas 747 that glides over the track as the national anthem is sung out loud by passionate fans.

The action is now really heating up, as the cars take their positions and rev up the engines. Lights action and they are off, the 2009 Formula 1 season has begun on a picture perfect afternoon.

As the cars zoom around the street circuit track, the support teams in the pits franticly seek to help the drivers as they stop by for assistance. The crowd watches every bit of the action with high hopes for Australian Mark Webber.

It was not to be his day, but an action packed event with Jenson Button securing a dream debut victory for the Brawn GP team after the Englishman had led throughout the race for his second Formula 1 win with team-mate Rubens Barrichello completing a Brawn one-two.

“This is a fairytale ending for the first race,” said Button.

As the evening descended on Melbourne the voice of legendary singer Roger Daltrey and The Who ramped up the music to complete a magical day of entertainment in Melbourne.

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