Plaza Athenee – A True Paris Experience

- Erik Haugen, Erik Haugen, CEO of Kiwi Collection, has a well-deserved reputation as an outstanding merger and acquisition specialists, a leader and a premier long-range business development strategist. In addition to a Bachelor’s Degree in Economics magna cum laude from Cornell University he has a Master’s degree in both Marketing and Finance from one of the most celebrated academic institutions in America – the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania. As an Executive in a handful of high-powered consulting firms, Erik has developed long-range strategic plans for several Fortune 100 clients. He has also found success as a Senior Sales and Marketing Executive in the pharmaceutical and resources industries of Europe and the United States. His extensive professional experience has led Erik all over the globe and he has been a guest at many of the world’s finest hotels. And, while traveling with his beloved wife, Erik has developed a passion for fine cuisine, fine hotels, and exotic locations. His success in the world of high-finance has allowed Erik to fuse his passion and professionalism into his current role at the helm of Kiwi Collection.

Kiwi Collection CEO Erik Haugen was delighted by his experience and the quality of service at Plaza Athenee in Paris! Plaza Athenee is the perfect hotel to go to if you’re looking for the total Paris experience. Stay here if you’re looking for a romantic getaway.

What makes Paris so special? The grand avenues? The beautiful buildings? The fabulous museums? The great restaurants? Well, probably all of those things. But Paris is about a total ‘experience’ and nothing beats the Paris experience than when you stay at one of its top hotels.

At most of Paris’ top hotels (such as Fouquets Barriere, Plaza Athenee, Le Meurice, The Ritz Paris, The Keppler, and L’Hotel) you will find that the comfort, the sense of generosity, the quality and the attention to detail are all often second to none. However there are still many features that differentiate these great hotels from one and other.

Things such as location, design, size (of the public areas) and types of facilities and amenities all help differentiate the hotels from one and other.

On my last visit to Paris I was lucky enough to stay at the Plaza Athenee one of the foremost luxury hotels in Paris. The Plaza Athenee has the reputation for providing a quintessentially French top-end luxury hotel experience, and I have to say they did not disappoint.

In fact they excelled on every key measure of the quality of a hotel experience. Everything from the comfort of the room/bathroom, the service, and the amenities exuded a sense of generosity, attention to detail, and passion.

In addition the Plaza Athenee provided something extra: a sense of familiarity and a sense of confidence in itself that made the experience of staying there seem perfectly natural. Walking down the corridor and opening your room you might feel you are in the (very large) house of a rich relative. The warmth of the décor, the perfect lighting and the friendliness of the staff all lead to a general sense of ease. Plaza Athenee Paris Luxury Hotel

There was always staff on hand ready to help, but they never intruded on a guest or visitor’s personal space. The fact that they could immediately source items such as stockings for my wife, and that they were perfectly comfortable cooking things not on the menu for a mid afternoon snack, all further reinforce the sense of flexibility and the ‘can do’ attitude that is critical in delivering an exceptional hotel experience.

However, the experience was not only about the rooms and the service. The Plaza Athenee experience is one with many dimensions.

Not only do they provide exceptional hospitality but they have a Christian Dior spa, an Alain Ducasse restaurant and the famous Plaza Athenee bar on their premises all of which conspire to make this one of the worlds most well rounded and fulfilling centre-city hotel experiences.

Dinner at the Alain Ducasse restaurant followed by a drink at the Plaza Athenee bar is the perfect way to round off a great day in Paris.

I will remember my stay at the Plaza Athenee this year with great fondness and put it down to the staff and the management who work so hard to make this one of the truly great hotel experiences.

Thank you!

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