Proust Travel Questionnaire: Jason Wu

- Joy Pecknold, Passport blog editor

The designer behind Michelle Obama’s inauguration night gown, amongst other gorgeous garments, racks up a lot of air miles. Taiwan-born, Vancouver-raised and New York-educated, he travels to Paris regularly and loves Vegas. We delve deeper into Jason Wu‘s travel habits with our Proust-inspired questionnaire.

The in-flight film you hope for: Bad Teacher.

The last book you took on holiday: Patti Smith’s Just Kids.

You tend to pack too many…: Shoes.

Your idea of travel happiness: A drink by a beach.

Your idea of travel misery: Delays.

Your favorite quality in a hotel: A good bathroom.

What do you appreciate most in a travel partner? Somebody who I can hang out with.

What is your greatest extravagance while abroad? Having really good food with great friends.

What is your favorite journey to take? An unexpected one.

What is your greatest fear abroad? Getting lost with no money.

Which historical world traveler do you most identify with? Amelia Earhart.

What is the travel habit you most deplore in yourself? That I overpack and always arrive late.

What is the travel habit you most deplore in others? Taking too long in security check lines.

In what travel situations do you lie? When I’ve bought too many things overseas.

When and where were you last happiest? Vegas, two months ago, with six friends.

What is your most treasured take-along? My iPad, because it’s my life line.

What is your travel motto? Less is always more, but I always pack more.

Photo by Georgia Esporlas.

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