Proust Travel Questionnaire: Marcus Wainwright and David Neville, Rag & Bone

- Joy Pecknold, Passport blog editor

On their first visit to Vancouver to host a special event with luxury retailer Holt Renfrew, Rag & Bone designers Marcus Wainwright and David Neville pause to answer our Proust-inspired travel questionnaire. And how? With a mix of Brit wit and New York City quickness (see, both are U.K. born and bred, but now call the Big Apple home sweet headquarters).

The in-flight film you hope for: (David Neville) The King’s Speech. I haven’t seen it yet. (Marcus Wainwright) Withnail & I.

The last book you took on holiday: (MW) The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo. (DN) Life by Keith Richards.

You tend to pack too many…: (MW) T-shirts. (DN) Socks.

Your idea of travel happiness: (DN) First class. (MW) I’d have to say the same thing.

Your idea of travel misery: (MW) Economy, flight delays, screaming children.

Your favourite quality in a hotel: (MW) Comfortable bed. That’s boring. Good breakfast. (DN) Good service.

What do you appreciate most in a travel partner? (MW) Comfortable silences. (DN) That’s a good answer.

What is your greatest extravagance while abroad?
(MW) Food. (DN) Wine.

What is your favourite journey to take? (MW) Any journey to the sun or beach. (DN) Driving to the Hamptons.

What is your most treasured take-along? (MW) Flip flops. (DN) Tennis racket.

What is your greatest fear abroad? (MW) Coming home. (DN) Losing my passport.

With which historical world traveller do you most identify? (MW) Columbus.
(DN) Yeah, I was going to say that. Because he came to America.
(MW) Plus, he landed in the Caribbean. That would be fun, first person in the Caribbean.
(DN) 1584?
(MW) 1492.

What is the travel habit you most deplore in yourself? (MW) Getting agitated about being late. (DN) Getting angry at my son.

What is the travel habit you most deplore in others? (MW) Being late. (DN) My wife [make-up artist Gucci Westman] has an inbuilt mechanism where she gets pissed off with the people at check-in, every time. I’ve now banned her from actually interacting with the people you check-in with, because she just ends up getting mad at them.

In what travel situations do you lie? (DN) I don’t. (MW) I lie to myself that the fact that it’s raining doesn’t matter.

When and where were you last happiest? (MW) Travel-related? On the beach in Antigua, three, no, four weeks ago.
(DN) Barbados.

  1. Amy Chan says:

    Couldn’t agree more: What do you appreciate most in a travel partner?” A: “Comfortable silences”

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  3. “Your idea of travel happiness: First class.” TOTALLY agree! That starts a trip off right for sure. 😉