Quick and Easy: It’s Time to Take a Vacation

- Melanie Zieba,

It’s been a long hard week. I’m tired, stressed and I need to take a load off fast. If you are feeling the same way, and feel like you just need to start planning that summer holiday getaway you are desperate for, I’ve got the best hotels and drinks that will chill you out in a hurry.

First Shot: Tequila

Yes you heard me; Tequila is the perfect drink that gives you and that warm fuzzy feeling right away. Tequila continues to grow in its popularity by the day and there is so much to learn about this wonderful drink that true aficionados study it until they are as educated as sommeliers.  Might I recommend tequila made from 100% blue agave, Anejo perhaps? And no salt or lime is needed here, just a nice sipping drink.

The best hotels in Mexico to relax get great tequila:

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A stay at the Hacienda de San Antonio in Municipio de Comala, Mexico is great for:

-Coffee lovers. Come and stroll amongst their 19th century coffee plantations and then go for a coffee roasting tour.
-Horseback riding in their mild mountain climate on their vast El Jabali Ranch. What could be more peaceful?
-A massage on the Terrace overlooking their lush gardens. This place is designed for simply relaxing.

.      .

The Live Aqua Cancun in Cancun Mexico is perfect for:

-People who love outdoor waterfall showers. (I hear that waterfalls are one of the best cures for stress or depression)
-Expansive views of the Caribbean Sea from every suite
-Those who love spa getaways. Their Spa Aqua practices innovative therapies using the timeless secrets of the Mayans, Asia and other great civilizations.

Second Shot: Wild West

Grab your horse and cowboy hat because we are heading west. The Wild West is half Jack Daniels and half peach schnapps but when you’re feeling a little fruity some like to add a dash of cranberry juice to help them throw it back. And if your idea of relaxation is escaping into the country this drink is for you.

The best hotels in the USA to enjoy a Wild West:

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The Sundance Resort in Sundance, Utah is the perfect resort for those who enjoy:

-Warm mountain environments with Native American accents.
-Outdoor activities like horseback riding, fly fishing, river rafting and mountain biking.
-Celebrity Digs. Owned by Robert Redford this resort is known as one of the World’s Best Hotels according to Travel + Leisure.

.      .

A visit to the Post Ranch Inn on California’s coast is great for those who love:

-Guided nature hikes amongst the rolling Ventana Mountains.
-Star Gazing with a telescope and astronomer on hand to guide you through the universe.
-Private massages on your suite deck overlooking the Pacific Ocean.

Third Shot: Beam me up Scotty

This is for those who appreciate the phrase “to boldly go where no man has gone before”. Layered with Coffee, Crème de banana and Irish cream liqueur, this shot goes down easy and gets you pumped for planning your escape.

The best hotels that give you the feeling of “seeking out new life and new civilizations”:

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An escape to the Tabaocon Grand Spa Thermal Resort in Costa Rica is for those who get excited about:

-Unparalleled thermal hot springs unlike any other in the world.
-Mesoamerican spa treatments in open air bungalows among the gardens of the rainforest.
-Tours of the Arenal Volcano Region which is simply breathtaking.

.      .

The Al Maha Desert Resort & Spa near Dubai is a must for those who crave:

-Camel trekking though the desert’s sand dunes into the sunset.
-Bedouin tent suites each with a private swimming pool spilling out onto the desert and mountain views.
-Private romantic dune dinners set deep within the resort’s reserve set amongst the unforgettable desert wilderness.

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