Review of One Aldwych Hotel in London – the Best Location in London

- Sameer Poonja, Raised in a family of luxury tour operators, Sameer Poonja, Kiwi Collection's Vice President of Technology, was literally "born to do this." As a member of the "100 mile club," Sameer has visited more than 100 countries and learned more and more about the luxury travel industry in each and every one of them. He is a consummate professional and conducts himself - professionally and personally - with a grace and candor that befit his background and experience. Never doubting his choice, Sameer has spent his entire career working in the hospitality and luxury hotel industry. As a licensed university teacher of hospitality graduates, he also has the ability to impart his wealth of knowledge upon those who wish to follow a similar path to his. As a technology expert, Sameer has been involved in the creation of various technology solutions for the hospitality industry, such as Property Management Systems and Online Booking Engines. He was also instrumental in developing Coca Cola's first Canadian wireless vending solution for hotels, enabling authorization to be carried out dynamically through the hotel property management system. Considering the amount of time and energy that Sameer has spent traveling around the world, it may come as no surprise that he speaks 4 languages. A modern day "Renaissance Man," he enjoys everything from acting to scuba-diving, white-water rafting to sky-diving, mountain safaris to sports, music and theatre to reading and traveling. Kiwi Collection is proud to have him as part of the team.

Kiwi Collection’s VP of Online Distribution and E-Commerce, Sameer Poonja, recently stayed at One Aldwych Hotel in London. A great business hotel and leisure hotel, Sameer says One Aldwych’s two greatest assets are its incredible pool and perfect London location.

Can the location be anymore perfect? One Aldwych London is right in the heart of the city next to the ever famous Covent Garden, and had easy access to all of my business and leisure needs.

I stayed here during my trip to London when I was invited to speak by Eye for Travel during their Travel Distribution Europe Summit, and it sure was a delight to start and end my day at this great hotel in London.

First of all, you have to try their swimming pool. That’s the first thing I took advantage of after a long 10 hour flight. And was it really relaxing. Photos you see of it are true to their word and are absolutely intoxicating. It definitely melted away my jet lag from the flight, and helped me to go about the day with my meetings.

Swimming Pool at One Aldwych Hotel in LondonThe rooms are quaint and delightful with all the right amenities and service to meet both the needs of business and leisure traveler. Comfortable beds with washrooms equipped with Jacuzzi tubs and shower really hit the spot, along with the right type of lighting and electrical outlets for all your accessories.

And of the course the breakfast is “spot-on”! You have to try their wake-up smoothie.

One of the best things about the One Aldwych locale is that you have everything nearby. You can grab a pint of famous English ale at one of the numerous traditional pubs or grab dinner at one of the many delectable restaurants or even take in a show at a theater. All of these things are a short stroll away from the hotel.

So the next time you’re in London, I would recommend checking out One Aldwych even if it’s just for a quick visit or a taste of their well regarded cocktail concoctions.

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  2. Rajul says:

    A good review Sameer. I’m lucky to have met One Aldwych’s founder, Gordon Campbell-Gray who told me at great length about the effort that went into training staff at the hotel’s lobby bar to work quietly using pieces of cloth to ensure “silent ice”. That attention to detail says everything about One Aldwych. Have also blogged about the hotel’s staff here: