Revisiting the Warmth of Mexico: Casa Limon in Malinalco

- Melissa Mewdell,

The weather is getting cooler and we’re all starting to plan our fall and winter escapes. Mexico was off the radar for much of the spring and summer due to swine flu, but now that the flu has passed, it’s time to revisit this sunny country!

For a real escape, consider Casa Limon. This tiny boutique inn is in Malinalco , Estado de Mexico, which is in central Mexico. The best part about Casa Limon, of course, is that it’s for adults only. This makes it the perfect retreat for a romantic getaway or a quiet, relaxing holiday.

Malinalco is known for its natural wonders and for the archeological site on top of Cerro de los Idolos. You’ll want to spend some time checking out House of the Tiger and Jaguar Warriors (the main temple, one of only five in the world where warriors were initiated into warrior classes).

Other attractions in this historical town include the Dr. Luis Mario Schneider Museum and the Monastery of the Divino Salvador de Malinalco.

Room at Casa Limon, MexicoCasa Limon is 10 rooms of complete bliss, with a modern and stylish design that will please pretty much anyone. Think cool and simplistic.

Suites are spacious and feature terraces where guests can enjoy the garden, pool and view of Mexico’s peaceful countryside.

The chef at Casa Limon produces wonderful international cuisine using local produce. You’ll love the local, healthy dining experience you get here. Be sure to enjoy the terrace, shaded by a slatted room and a couple of mature plume trees.

After a long day of site seeing in the historic areas of town, golfing and horseback riding, be sure to book an appointment at the spa. There’s no better way to wind down than through a relaxing massage!

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