Royal Highness Honeymoon: North Island, Seychelles

- Joy Pecknold, Passport blog editor

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge recently returned from their 10-day honeymoon. Herewith, the inside scoop on the luxury island hideaway where the two royal newlyweds shacked up.

It was Will and Kate plus 11 North Island Lodge villas, as they booked out the entire Island ensuring their only other companions would be guest services and a creep of resident tortoises, some even older than the Queen Mum was (the hard-shelled reptiles, not the staff). Shall we take a short photo tour? Yes, we shall.

Nothing vilifying about this villa.

Only seems fair to treat yourself to a private beach picnic after allowing billions to watch you wed.

Dip in the pool and sunset snuggle. Don’t mind if (royal) we do.

Kiwi Collection’s Erik Haugen and his wife visited the property and provided all the gory details of their stay. His verdict:

“The miracle they have created on North Island is this combination of rustic chic with all modern conveniences. We did not want for anything.”

Not want for anything… except maybe a return trip to the Indian Ocean oasis.

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