Seven Sensational Hotel Gyms

- John Nielsen, For John Nielsen, luxury hospitality and tourism has been part of his life since he recalls. Having been fortunate to travel extensively during his childhood in Denmark, it was almost a natural choice for John to join the Scandinavian travel company, Spies Travels in 1983. This journey and a beginning of his career, took John to Madeira & Portugal, where he gained his love of luxury hotels. From there three years were spent studying in Switzerland, then to South Korea at Hotel Lotte, to Hong Kong with hotels including the Mandarin Oriental and Grand Hyatt Hong Kong, Hyatt Carlton Tower in London, Ritz-Carlton Kuala Lumpur, Crown Towers in Melbourne and Grand Hyatt Melbourne. Throughout the years in senior management John developed a passion for wine and in 1998 co-founded Liquid Assets Wine Storage in Melbourne. In 2006 John joined Kiwi Collection as a Regional Director in Asia Pacific and today continues to consult as well as contribute to WOW Travel. John recently completed his Master of Business with an added Master Degree in Tourism. These days John is based in Melbourne with his family, working for the Australian PGA Links company as General Manager of Hospitality. The travel bug will forever stay and with family based across three continents, there is always a good excuse to seek out new destinations and new wines.

As I plan my next business travel, my health promise to myself has to be taken in to account. I am over 40 and the spread is beginning to show. I have always used the excuse of my travels, but now more then ever I am committed to loosing weight and creating a new fitness regime to get healthy. After all a healthy body is a healthy mind!

The spa and fitness business has become big business with hotels worldwide; it’s no longer enough just to have a room stashed away in some corner with a few pieces of equipment. Now clients expect a facility that will cater to all the needs, from a swimming pool to the complete gym to spa treatment rooms. But its not only hotels guests who crave this facility, city location hotels have realised that there is big business to be made in the gym business, but clients are also actively searching for hotels with extended facilities.

Athens, Greece: The Grande Bretagne
The newly renovated hotel has combined the complete health facility in the basement. As you enter into this almost Roman bath area a wonderful combination of boutique gym, lap pool, various steam rooms awaits you. Relax after and then enjoy a truly grand hotel experience, maybe with breakfast or dinner on top floor looking over Athens.

London, England: The Grove
This award wining Sequoia Spa was voted Best UK Spa Retreat’ Condé Nast Traveller. The wonderful gym with every dreamable work out tool and personal trainers is complemented by a superb spa centre and to cap it all a beautiful black swimming pool. The centre is built in an old farm house sunk into the ground and is a spectacular sight by night time. If the gym is not enough, then why not try 18 holes on one of the world great PGA courses. Even a certain Tiger had his challenges with that course!

Sydney, Australia: The Sydney Hilton
This gym is most likely one of Australia’s best gym facilities. Well planned and maintained the facility incorporates a 25 m lap pool with various spas & sauna’s and a smaller spa treatment area. Sydney residents can join up and have few excuses not to do with such a facility.

Melbourne, Australia: Crown Towers
Located on the 8th floor the gym looks over the brilliantly designed pool and spa area. The gym has a large glass panels face area and also looks on to the tennis courts in addition to the pool.

New Zealand: Kauri Cliffs Lodge
The latest edition to the brilliant Kauri Cliffs Lodge and golf course. Hidden in a small kauri forest, the spa has been designed with privacy in mind. A perfect boutique gym and lap pool is incorporated with 8 treatment rooms and even a small river that run along side the spa, offering the complete relaxation.

Hong Kong: Grand Hyatt Hong Kong
Located on the 11th floor, you step into another world. Welcome to the With stunning views of Victoria harbour the spa is a step above most. Outdoor 50-metre heated swimming pool, open year round 400-metre jogging track.

Las Vegas, America: The MGM Skylofts
In a world of it’s own lies the MGM Spa. Away from the many restaurants, gaming machines and action lays a facility that may not loose you few dollars, but maybe a few pounds! A serious work out can be attained here, with machines you did not even know would exist.

  1. Graham says:

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