Sex and the City champagne cocktails

- Nicole Humphries-Voorhoeve, Guest Blogger

For those of you who aren’t experiencing Sex and the City 2 overload yet, Moët & Chandon has created a cocktail that just might make your weekend an ecstatic one.

According to Moët & Chandon, the company has created 4 champagne cocktails inspired by the film’s leading ladies in celebration of the return of Sex and the City (2) to the big screen.

There is the Fashionista – Carrie, of course. Miranda’s cocktail is the Player, Charlotte’s is the Socialite, and the Bombshell is – who else? – Samantha’s.

The Fashionista is “a combination of punchy seduction and romanticism with a touch of pomegranate and accessorized with a rose petal.”

The Socialite is “a future classic, elegant and undeniably sweet with notes of elderflower and brown sugar.”

The Player is “a complex combination of citrus and ginger for the impulsive but sensual.”

The Bombshell is “a bold pairing of the classic bitterness of cherry with the vibrancy and sweet flare of tangerine.”

If you’ve already seen the movie, you may have loved it… or you may have hated it. The reviews were mixed and the feedback… not exactly glowing.

That said, no one can deny the fact that watching anything Sex in the City-related gives one a craving for a fantastic cocktail.  Perhaps a sip of one will even get you ready for Sex and the City 3.

By now, most fans know that the Abu Dhabi scenes in the film were actually filmed in Morocco. And if you didn’t already know… News flash:

Both the palace-like Moroccan hotel where Carrie, Miranda, Samantha, and Charlotte stayed in “Abu Dhabi” and the hotel where the stars all stayed during the filming of the movie are – of course – Kiwi Collection properties.

The hotel the girls stayed at in “Abu Dhabi” was, in fact, Morocco’s Amanjena resort.

And the hotel that housed the stars during their stay in Morocco was La Mamounia.

Both properties are in Marrakech, which has the largest traditional market (souk) in Morocco as well as one of the busiest squares in Africa (and the world): Djemaa el Fna. On any day, the square is full of acrobats, story-tellers, water sellers, dancers, and musicians. At night, food stalls open in the square turning it into a huge busy open-air restaurant.

So, if you happen to be in Morocco any time soon – or happen to end up there! – feel free to “play” around and pretend you’re on the big screen yourself.

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