Spotlight: Amanjiwo, Indonesia

- Joy Pecknold, Passport blog editor

There’s something special about each and every luxury hotel. In our Spotlight series we showcase one property and highlight its most fantastic features—both the latest and longstanding. This week, we uncover a captivating celebration at Amanjiwo.

Spot: Amanjiwo means “peaceful soul”, which is the perfect moniker for this resort in rural Central Java. Facing Borobudur, the world’s largest Buddhist temple built in the 9th century, and backed by the Menoreh Hills, the resort lets you look over it all, along with four volcanoes commanding the horizon. They offer quiet immersion into Javanese culture, with trips to ceremonies, temples and shops. Modern hotel conveniences are also within reach; there is a bar and restaurant, library, art gallery, spa, pool, gym, tennis court and, yes, internet available on this serene site. If an Eat, Pray, Love kind of getaway is gathering dust on your bucket list, cross it off here.

Highlight: With Borobudur and other temples so close, Amanjiwo offers guests unprecedented access to rituals and ceremonies, particularly for Waisak Day, a Buddhist holiday to celebrate the anniversary of Gautama Buddha, Buddhism’s founder. If you plan your trip around May 24 to 25, 2013, you’ll get to see a series of events, including rituals, chanting, meditation and a procession of offerings wherein Monks walk from Mendut Monastery to Candi Mendut and Candi Borobudur. Guests experience the celebrations with the assistance of the resort’s experienced guides who explain its stages and provide access to private viewing spots.

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