Stars from “The Hills” spotted at Shutters on the Beach

- Melissa Mewdell,

Perfect for romance and family vacations, Shutters on the Beach made a guest appearance on “The Hills” on Monday night. This gorgeous California hotel was where a very nervous Spencer Pratt met his fiancé’s gun wielding father, Bill, for the very first time.

If you’ve ever had to ask a cowboy for your girlfriend’s hand in marriage, you’ll know what “The Hills” reality TV star Spencer Pratt was up against. On Monday night’s episode of the Hills, Pratt was tasked with asking Heidi Montag’s father, Bill, for permission to marry his daughter.

Pratt was no prat: he picked a good spot to meet Heidi’s dad. The eager couple met Mr. Montag at Coast, the restaurant at Shutters on the Beach, for brunch – a very classy spot if you ask us. And, after reminding the young suitor that the code of the west states that you must look out for your family, Montag asked Pratt to bond with him over some gun shooting. Now that’s progress!

Could it be that Montag was impressed with Pratt’s personality? Oh right…silly us…what personality?

We think that it was the restaurant and hotel that brought a curl to this straight shooter’s lips, getting him to drop his guard (and his shot gun) and ultimately approve the union between Sir Pratt and Lady Montag.

It’s no secret why this gem of a hotel was featured on “The Hills”. Its central location makes for some pretty easy access to Los Angeles premier galleries, museums and attractions. You’re also steps from the City of Angel’s most interesting neighbourhoods.

Shuttes on the Beach's Restaurant: One PicoShutters on the Beach is one of L.A.’s top hotels. Elegant, cool, unpretentious and boasting panoramic views of the Ocean, you’d be hard pressed to find someone who could say no to you in this stunning location.

Coast, the restaurant that was featured on the Hills, has majestic views of the Ocean. This beach front cafe has a great, fresh menu. With a classy, contemporary Mediterranean look , will you’ll make a great first impression, regardless of how much of a goof you actually are.

Just ask Spencer!

It’s the perfect hangout for the rich, famous and glamorous. Stay here to see the stars, enjoy the Ocean breeze and, of course, to woo your very scary potential father-in-law to agree to your wedding plans.

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