Stay in Milan for the Moda Donna Spring/Summer 2010 Fashion Week!

- Melissa Mewdell,

Fashion week in Milan is just around the corner! Organized by the National Chamber of Italian Fashion, you will see the best in Italian fashions for Spring/Summer 2010 from both young and established designers at one of the industry’s top events.

The Milan Moda Donna Spring/Summer Fashion Week takes place from September 20 to September 26.

If you’re planning on attending this fantastic event, be sure to stay in one of Milan’s best hotels! Our favorite hotel in the area is The Virtus Milan.

This large design hotel is located in the city’s Bovis district and features an excellent Asian-inspired design.  It’s about a 10 minute drive from the Milano Fashion Center where many of the events of the Moda Donna Fashion Week will be being held.

the-chedi-milan_5192_09If you’re a demanding diva, look no farther. Service and hospitality are this hotel’s specialty. We are also big fans of this hotel’s understated charm. With 78 suites, a penthouse suite and 124 guestrooms, you will find a room that’s the right fit for your needs during your stay.

For something unique to eat, head to the hotel’s restaurant. Serving world class Asian cuisine, you will really enjoy the setting (overlooking the gardens at the hotel).

The Virtus Milan is an excellent modern option for accommodation during Milan’s fashion week this fall, so be sure to check it out.

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