Stay Safe This Holiday Season

- Nadia Mah,

With so many traveling to see loved ones over the holiday season, and yet more people choosing to take the time for a relaxing and peaceful holiday away from Christmas stress, we wanted to ensure that everyone stays safe, wherever you are traveling this holiday season. Experienced traveler, and Kiwi collection team member Carrie Harrison, shares her top tips for traveling safely, wherever you may be going.

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Stay Safe at home
If you’re traveling by car, make sure you keep all your valuables out of sight, especially all those presents you may be carrying. Cars are a prime target for thieves throughout the holiday season.

Check restrictions to flight, train and bus times. Holiday opening hours can be unpredictable, and getting stuck at a train station is not how you want to spend your Christmas vacation.

Watch the eggnog, everyone loves to indulge during the holiday season, so make sure you know how you plan to get home from any events you attend. Make sure that if you are being driven by someone else that they stay sober, and don’t be tempted to drink and drive yourself.

Stay safe Abroad

Safeguard your valuables when traveling to a foreign country. Use a fanny pack or something with a zipper, instead of an open pocket or purse. Before departure, alert your bank and credit card companies of dates and locations of travel. Pack as few credit cards as possible and keep a separate quick reference sheet with international numbers to report a theft. There are also services that will do this for you.

Familiarize yourself with the local customs and laws – although you might only be a tourist, you are still responsible for following the laws of that country. The last thing you want to do is spend your valuable vacation time behind bars. A hip, crop top in Cancun does may not translate well in other parts of the world!

Make sure someone (friends or family) has a copy of your itinerary and appropriate contact details. Designate someone that you can check in with once you arrive and provide them with a general guideline on how often you will be checking in.

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