Talbott Hotel: A Green Seal-Certified Hotel

- Melanie Zieba,

More and more, people are deciding to make environmentally conscious choices when traveling. This includes how they travel and where they stay when they do.

Recently, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) released its annual 100% Green Power Purchaser list which represents organizations that buy enough alternative power to meet 100% of their entire electricity use.

Many hotels made that list and the one that stands out the most is the  Talbott Hotel Chicago which happens to  be one of the best green luxury hotels in the city of Chicago.

Green Seal is a Washington DC based non-profit that provides environmental certification science based standards. What’s different about the Green seal’s standard-setting process is that it works as a collaborative process making its rules fairer and allows for complete transparency gathering its input from industry, government, academia and the public.

the-talbott-hotel-chicagoThe Talbott Hotel has a commitment to sustainability without compromise and assures their guests that their stay will have a minimum impact on the environment. Talbott met the Green Seal approval by a number of following measures:

-Offsetting 100% of its electricity with the use of wind power and the purchasing of wind energy credits.

-An extensive recycling program using only recyclable consumer paper products and biodegradable non-phosphate supplies. Also any unused soaps and shampoos are donated to charity which recycles them for the needy.

-The use of energy efficient equipment from lighting to heating as well as water conserving fixtures

-An optional “eco-mode” for guest rooms which is a simple one touch button that wirelessly alerts the staff that the guest has chosen to have the bed and bath linens replaced every other day and also allows the room temperature to adjust within eight degrees while guests are out of the room.

Not only does the Talbott Hotel Chicago offer its guests uncompromised luxury with spacious rooms, a great location close to a barrage of museums and iconic sites, and a delicious authentic Italian bistro, but gives its guests piece of mind knowing that they go above and beyond the average luxury hotel.


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