The Andaz West Hollywood: Angelina’s Favourite L.A. Hotel

- Angelina Jolin,

Angelina Jolin is a fashion stylist for ELLE, Vogue, GQ, and Maxim Magazines. Her work takes her to all kinds of exciting places around the world and, most recently, to L.A. where she stayed at the Andaz West Hollywood, now one of her favorite haunts in the city of Angles.

I have stayed at most hotels in Los Angeles throughout my years as a stylist. But, by far my newest favorite is The Andaz-West Hollywood.

You might have heard of this hotel as The Rolling Stones along with Led Zeppelin’s Robert Plant and the Who’s Keith Moon made it famous through their wild parties and by tossing a TV set out one of the windows here!

No TV’s were harmed during the duration of my stay, but one thing is for sure – if celebrity spotting is your thing, the Andaz is the place to be! This hotel is located on the famous Sunset Strip, and it is walking distance to some of L.A.’s best shopping and lots of great cafes. This is where the rich and famous hang out.

What did I like about the Andaz? The simplicity and personal service at this great hotel in L.A. makes it super unpretentious. Coffee, tea and mini viennoiseries are served complimentary each morning in the lobby.

During the day there is fruit and See’s chocolate, and at sunset, some local wines for guests to try!

The rooms are comfortable and spacious and complimentary non-alcoholic drinks and snacks are included, which is always a nice touch.

This room makes you want to cancel all your plans and just stay in…and that, for me, makes it a great hotel!

Andaz West Hollywood in L.A.I really ate well during my stay here as well! French top chef, Sebastien Archambault, has totally succeeded with an innovative menu consisting mostly of foods made with local produce.

One of my favorite meals was American foie gras paired with an incredible American wine. There are actually many great wines from the U.S. served at the hotel’s restaurant and it’s great, when you’re traveling, to eat and drink locally produced foods and wines.

Through room service you can order in scrumptious food if you want – perfect after a long flight (I had one of their salads).

The top floor has a nice pool with a fantastic view. You can stay very healthy if you hang out up there during your stay – they serve fresh carrot juice with ginger if you ask for it!

I’m really familiar with L.A. since my work takes me there often, so here are some tips for how to spend some of your time the next time you visit the city and stay close to the Sunset Strip:

Great mexican close to Andaz is Loteria, 6627 Hollywood Boulevard +1323-4652500

Sushi Shu, 2932 1/2 Beverly Glen Circle +1310-4742740

For a romantic drink, go to Inn of the Seventh Ray, 128 Old Topanga Road +1310-4551311

Best Breakfast is at Cora’s Coffee shoppe, 1802 Ocean Avenue Santa Monica +1310-4519562

Best Pizza  is at Mozza, Mario Batali is part owner, 641 N Highland Ave

Best burger is at Umami burger,  850 South La Brea Avenue +1323-9313000

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