The Hazelton Luxury Hotel in Toronto

Guest Editor:
- Carrie Harrison-Ell, Senior Vice President of Hotel Programs for Kiwi Collection and mother of three; she is an expert on family travel. Carrie’s not-so-secret pleasures include: romantic trips to Siena, wine and cheese pairings and everything about the Mayan Riviera.

I recently had the pleasure of staying with The Hazelton Hotel in Toronto. The hotel is conveniently situated in the hottest part of town: Yorkville. Although the location is perfect, and the lobby absolutely stunning, you haven’t seen anything until you’ve experienced The Hazelton Hotel’s luxurious rooms. Even a standard room at this hotel has had no expense spared.

All rooms boast large marble bathrooms with exquisite soaker tubs and robust showers. Looking to heat your feet? Simply flick the bathroom switch. And that is just the start of the technology included in this room. Guests have the option to switch all lights in the room on or off with the touch of one button. It’s never been so easy to darken the room at night! No more searching through your room to shut off 5 or more lights – and where are those switches anyway? Not only the lights are easy to manage before turning in at the end of the night, but the drapes close automatically as well!

When I met with the delightful Matthew Opferkuch, the GM of the The Hazelton Hotel, he told me that the nightlife was hopping at the hotel’s restaurant “One”. This statement couldn’t have been more accurate. From Thursday through Saturday nights its common to see eight or more Lamborghinis and Ferraris parked outside the establishment.

The restaurant’s overflowing patio is bustling with the who’s who in Toronto. Cell phones are going off, martinis are being ordered in large rounds and the crowd appears to be having an amazing time. If you’ve had enough of the scene, you can always retreat to the expansive deck in your room above to watch the crowd from a distance.

Other recommendations? Breakfast at “One” (who would know that this peaceful breakfast restaurant had been so busy and buzzing with energy the night before?), and the Spa! In particular I recommend the pre-natal massage – but of course it’s not for everyone!

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  1. Dear Carrie:
    Thank you for this wonderful article about The Hazelton Hotel! Best, Kathy Keating (PR for The Hazelton Hotel)
    PS: I will have to try the Pre-Natal massage…