The Lady from Andaz

- Fiona Seres,

Ever wonder what your hotel experience would be like if it were a movie? Well, in true Hollywood fashion here’s what it could be like.


A hip hotel, recently redecorated, modern, the background music also suitably hip.

Jez walks into the hotel. Alone.

She’s worth a stare, not only is she beautiful, she spells trouble.

Are you checking in?

A kind man holding a lap top computer stands beside her.

She frowns, wondering who he is, why he’s asking the question.

But he smiles at her.

I’m the Concierge.

She nods.

Her confidence almost hides her apprehensiveness. Trying to keep her breathing calm, normal, she allows herself to be led over to a comfortable couch.

Lets get you something to drink.

She puts a hand on his arm, knowing she appears nervous, but she’s hoping this can all be quick.

Again he calms her.

This won’t take long.

He sits her down.

Within moments he hands her something cool and refreshing to drink. It calms her.

The Concierge opens his laptop computer.

What’s your name?

He smiles at her. She wonders if he can see straight into her soul.


The Concierge leads her into the hotel room.

She glances quickly round. It feels fresh, clean, simply decorated.

She stares at the window and the expansive view of Los Angeles stretching out before her.

Everything in here is complimentary,
apart from the alcohol.

She glances back at the Concierge, he stands at the mini bar area. There are lots of non alcoholic drinks and snacks.

She nods, knowing she won’t touch them, wondering how long she’ll even be here for.

You know about the pool on the top floor.

She shakes her head.

You’ve missed most of the sun today, but the cocktails are very good. Otherwise we have a bar and a restaurant downstairs-

Thank you. You’ve been very kind.

She smiles at him.

The Concierge is completely drawn in by her smile and she knows it.

Anything I can do, please let me know.

The Concierge walks out and closes the door behind him.

She walks over to the floor to ceiling windows. It’s now dusk and the lights from the city penetrate the darkening blue sky.

She glances down on to Sunset Boulevard. Hoping she hasn’t been followed. Hoping they won’t know she has come to the Andaz Hotel.

And then she sees him. Crossing the road towards the hotel. Even from this distance she knows it’s him.

Suddenly a knock at the door.

Her gaze turns quickly to the door. She stares at it, her hand reaches to her heart…


  1. Amazon Perks says:

    The hotel looks gorgeous. You should have been a playwright.