The Secrets of Tomorrow’s Most Exclusive Resorts

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JT Kuhlman is President of One&Only Resorts, the unique collection of properties in Mexico, the Bahamas, Dubai, Mauritius and the Maldives

Luxury will be increasingly tailor-made, designed exactly around and for you, exclusively. Even before you arrive the resort will know, and have ready, your favorite flowers, fruits, bed and bath linens.

The minibar will be filled with your choice of drinks and snacks, the DVD collection will be customized. Service will be geared to the seen or not-seen, as you have requested, although there will be even more people around, working behind the scenes to perfect such customization.

You need as much space as possible, on the island, in your private pool, in your room or suite – and definitely in the bathroom, which is probably bigger than the entire suite of only ten years’ ago. Tomorrow’s bathroom will be even sexier, more relaxing and more multi-purpose than ever. You will probably have your own in-suite spa room, and possibly screening facilities.

You will be seeking privacy. Your personal territory is invaded in everyday life and though you do not mind spying on (well, let us saying reading about) others, you do not want anyone to intrude in your area, especially when on vacation. You want to look out of your windows across your terrace, your pool, your private beach. There should be no-one in the view, unless you want them to be there.

The island innkeeper, also known as the resort Director or General Manager, screens those around you. Employees have been hand-picked and immaculately trained, and you know, from the quality and reputation of the resort, that you can rely on the discretion of the other guests.

It is all your choice. If you want to dive at eight instead of 11 a.m, then of course it is possible.

You are cocooned but you can break out, do what you want when you want. If you want your wardrobe re-designed and made up over acourse of a few days’ stay, then of course No Problem, and your special designer will be on hand. Want to learn sushi making, or how to perfect a difficult computer program or learn a new way of making love? No Problem. You will expect to get experience for your money.

You will be ecstatic the first time, but a sense of belonging will bring you back, knowing there will be even more surprises next time.

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