The Talbott Hotel in Chicago is Perfect for Both Business Travelers and Environmentalists Alike

- Melissa Mewdell,

It’s hard to find a perfect business hotel as well as a perfect environmentally friendly hotel, let alone finding a hotel that does both well! But, the Talbott Hotel in Chicago has managed to cater to both types of travelers with ease.

After recently being named the number one business hotel by Crain’s Chicago Business Magazine, while at the same time becoming one of the first Green Seal Certified hotels in the U.S., there’s a lot to like about this luxury hotel in Chicago.

We sent our Senior Vice President of Global Strategy and Brands to the Talbot to check it out.

Located just one block from Michigan Avenue and the famous “Magnificent Mile”, the Talbott Hotel is situated within Chicago’s trendy Gold Coast District. Steps from world-class shopping, restaurants, theatres and sites, it’s a perfect base for travelers of all purposes.

In a recent study conducted by Crain’s Chicago Business Magazine in conjunction with Orbitz Worldwide, the Talbott was named the number one business hotel in Chicago by business travelers who used Readers recognized it as the best place to put up out-of-town colleagues, entertain clients or hold business meetings without going over budget.

After staying there, Kiwi Collection’s Senior Vice President of Global Strategy and Brands, Carrie Harrison-Ell, said the Talbott lived up to its reputation. Their expansive suites, fully-equipped meeting rooms and fabulous Sidewalk Café, all made the experience perfect for her on her trip.

“Talbott’s owner is very hands-on with the property,” she said. “They aim to be the best boutique hotel in Chicago and I would highly recommend it.”

Harrison-Ell says, aside from the location, room and facilities, one of the best features of the hotel was its amazing food.

“All of the food was amazing, but if you think you’ve had good calamari in the past, you must try it here!” she added.

In addition to ensuring its facilities are some of the best in the city, the Talbott was recently awarded a Green Seal Certificate and is now one of the only hotels in the U.S. with that environmental recognition. The hotel has worked for nine months to meet the environmental lodging standard (which brings with it requirements in waste management, energy efficiency, water conservation, waste water management and green procurement).

The Talbott Hotel RestaurantThe hotel works on a platform of “sustainability without compromise” which is how we figure it manages to pull off being both an excellent business hotel and environmentally friendly hotel under one room.

The platform includes recycling programs, the use of recyclable consumer paper products, using non-phosphate and biodegradable supplies, ensuring guest room amenities such as soaps and shampoo are the smallest practical size (and partially used amenities are donated to a charity, so that they are recycled for the needy).

The hotel has also installed energy efficient equipment and lighting, water conserving fixtures and automatic sensors for lighting and AC/heating in low traffic areas.

The Talbott was one of five hotels that received the Green Seal Certificate, out of 25 hotels that applied for the certification.

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