Top 10 Must-Take Travel Essentials for an Italian Getaway

- Amy Chan, Director of Marketing at Kiwi Collection, Huffington Post blogger and 24 Hours Newspaper columnist

A trip to Italy requires a serious packing plan of attack. Whether you intend to truffle hunt in Tuscany or shop Armani in Milan, here’s a list of must-take travel essentials so you can do as the Romans do.

10. Forgiving pants for unfettered indulgence at San Crispino Gelateria.

9. Dog treats for a chance encounter with Valentino’s brood of pampered pugs.

8. Knockout black dress for cavorting around the Trevi Fountain à la Sylvia in La Dolce Vita. 

7. A light sweater so as not to be scolded by the Vatican guards for breaking the “no bare shoulders” dress code.

6. Hand lotion to keep fingers well lubricated as you talk like the Italians do. After all, gesticulation is the second language.

5. Cross-body swing bag to help carry your passport and cash, and also to keep your hands free should you need to wrap your arms around the waist of a charming moped driver.

4. Oversize sunglasses and a copy of La Nazione for feigning disinterest during some clandestine Clooney and Canalis reconnaissance around Villa Oleandra and Locanda dell’Isola.

3. Ferragamo flats. For there is nothing bellissima about getting your heels caught in the cobblestone lined streets of Florence.

2. Teeth whitening strips so you can slug back bottle after bottle of Chianti Classico and still smile confidently at the opposite sex.

1. An Italian-English dictionary, for translating “I wish nothing more in life than to share this last strand of spaghetti with you, my little zucchini blossom.”

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  1. WTG Winners…..I wish it was me but you answers were great have a wonderful time!!!

  2. M.E. says:

    So excited! I never win anything! George Clooney, look out. I’m on my way! 😉 Woohoo!! Fantastico!

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    You will love these tags

  4. Now I must admit that those are great tips for the ladies but would you recommend for the men? I love the floating swimming pool.

  5. bet24 says:

    Fun tips. I especially love the number one tip, thought it was funny. I would definitely keep these things in mind.

  6. T.S. says:

    There’s also a special going on with U.S. travel that’s promoting passport issuance. Apparently the rush fee of $60 is being waved for a short while, so at least people trying for a last-minute travel agenda to Italy will have one less hurdle.

  7. Elyse Ryan says:

    My sister just landed her first deal at her new job at CBS. Sorry for the shameless advertisement but I love her :)

  8. Congratulations!!!
    We are already preparing the spaghetti for you and your zucchini blossom…
    And if you forget the Italian-English dictionary…we’ll translate it for you

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