Top 100 Luxury Travel Destinations 2010

- Nadia Mah,

With so many amazing travel destinations, it’s no wonder why your travel bucket list is growing faster than you can count to 100. Before moving forward to a travel filled New Year, we’d like to reflect on the many adventures had, and the many memories made in 2010. We compiled a list of the most searched; most booked cities on Kiwi Collection and the result is our first annual Top 100 Destinations list. Check it out, and prepare for your bucket list to keep growing.

1. New York
It’s not a surprise that the big apple topped the list. Everyone wants a bite, and keeps going back for more. We admit to our own obsession with the concrete jungle, after all, it’s what dreams are made of right?

2. Dubai
Dubai is a playground for adults, where everything is grand, luxurious and extraordinary. Over the top architecture? Sprawling shopping districts? Indoor ski slopes?  Check, check, check.

3. London
One word: classic, and never in the dull sense either, always only in the best way possible. London will forever remain the royal hot-spot for history, fashion, and music.

4. Paris
It’s difficult not to adore the city of lights when each cobblestone path leads you to either the best museum or the best crepes.  Why fight the love affair? Fall in love with Paris.

5. Singapore
For a city so small, it sure has a lot to offer. Home to eclectic neighborhoods, wicked food, and not to mention the world’s first roof top infinity pool. Yes, it’s glorious.

6. Bangkok
Bangkok will blow your mind. Yes, all the stories you’ve heard about the city are true, and what makes them even better is that you’ve only heard the censored version. We dare you to go.

7. Vancouver
All eyes are still on Vancouver even though the 2010 Winter Olympics have come and gone. It’s simply because the city is just that beautiful, naturally. Voted one of the top cities to live, it appears it’s also one of the top places to visit.

8. Hong Kong S.A.R.
We’ve never heard a single person describe this city as “boring”, ever. We challenge you to stand still in Hong Kong for a minute. You won’t be able to because all the movement, sounds, and smells will shake you.

9. Florence
Florence feels like a fairy tale. It makes you want to slow down, let your hair down, undo your tie, and spend your day taking long walks, eating long meals, and practicing speaking Italian.

10. Koh Samui
Everyone deserves an escape to paradise, and Koh Samui is the epitome of it. Your only toss-up would be how to best indulge your senses. You can also check out Samui’s sister island, Koh Phangan for the famous full moon party.

11-90 on the Top 100 Luxury Travel Destination List

What are your predictions for top destination in 2011? We would love to see some of our favorite destinations make it into the top ten list next year, including Prague, Rio de Janeiro, Cape Town and Las Vegas.

While you dream and plan your next trip, remember Kiwi Collection’s is still rewarding every 100th person who books on our website with a free hotel stay regardless of how big or small the booking is. This offer stands until February 07, 2011. In the meantime, we hope this list (re) ignited your desire to see the world, to book a trip, or  at least, helped keep your travel dreams alive.

11-100, Top Luxury Travel Destinations

11. Milan
12. Phuket
13. Beverly Hills
14. Rome
15. Providenciales
16. Marrakech
17. Barcelona
18. Venice
19. Buenos Aires
20. Las Vegas
21. Lithgow
22. Shanghai
23. Baie Lounge
24. Beijing
25. Nairobi
26. San Francisco
27. Chicago
28. Municipio de Comala
29. Miami
30. Istanbul
31.  Cape Town
32. Hua Hin
33. Miami Beach
34. Tokyo
35. Cannes
36. Sydney
37. San Diego
38. Mexico City
39. Elounda
40. Solidariadad
41. Washington
42. Amsterdam
43. Ubud
44. Playa del Carmen
45. Punta Cana
46. New Delhi
47. Mumbai
48. Macau, S.A.R.
49. Berlin
50. Madrid
51. Athens
52. Boston
53. Nusa Dua
54. Prague
55. Vilamoura
56. Melbourne
57. Sao Paulo
58. Lisbon
59. Scottsdale
60. Udaipur
61. Bora Bora
62. Rio de Janeiro
63. San Jose del Cabo
64. Chiang Mai
65. South Beach
66. Santa Monica
67. Sabi Sand Reserve
68. Antigua
69. Montego Bay
70. Seminyak Beach
71. West Hollywood
72. Krabi
73. San Miguel de Allende
74. Geneva
75. Uluwatu
76. Jimbaran
77. Toronto
78. Masai Mara Reserve
79. Lech –Arlberg
80. Vienna
81. Hvar
82. Abu Dhabi
83. Great Barrier Reef
84. Soufriere
85. Stockholm
86. Cabo San Lucas
87. Montreal
88. San Pedro de Atacama
89. Cusco
90. Madikwe Game Reserve
91. Sunny Isles Beach
92. St. Moritz
93. Kuala Lumpur
94. Grumeti Reserves
95. Jakarta
96. Jaipur
97. Seville
98. New Orleans
99. Negril
100. Hoi An

  1. I have been to a number of places mentioned in the top 20 on this list and have enjoyed my time in every one of them. I can not say I have stayed in the lap of luxury every time but sometimes it is enough just to be in a cool city with great architecture or strong history.

    I see Mexico City is listed at 38 but for anyone who happens to read this comment my advice is to check out Huatulco instead. Clearly the masses have not caught on to this hidden gem.

    Huatulco is truly the playground of the wealthy in Mexico and well worth a stop by if you are anywhere close.

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  3. amyfabulous says:

    Dubai and London are two cities that I now know I MUST visit. I predict New York will stay as number one for 2011 but I wouldn’t be surprised if a Brazilian city makes the top ten list this year.

  4. amyfabulous says:

    Thanks for the insight on Huatulco. What are some of the things the city is known for? I love finding out about hidden gems before the masses go and McDonald’s are constructed everywhere!

  5. Andi says:

    Personally I think BsAs should be #1 😉

  6. New York and Florence are the two destinations which are my personal favorite…this post describes or listed a very good selection of top travel destinations all over the world….

  7. Great list, glad to see London up there. I am suprised Hanoi has not featured anywhere in the list though I must say, and have to agree with amy, I wouldnt say which Brazillian city yet and it may be another year but there are some very strong contendors there. The food alone from Brazil and Argentina make it worth the trip.

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