Top Searched Cities Guide: Rome

- Robyn Giannakos, Kiwi Collection

We round up the most iconic hotels and the coolest events and attractions in Kiwi Collection’s top searched cities. The saying “when in Rome” gets literal this month with our list of what’s happening and where to stay in the Italian capital.

Republic Day (Festa della Repubblica), June 2
June 2nd marks Republic Day in Rome celebrating the birth of the Italian Republic; the equivalent of Independence Day in America. The celebration consists of laying a wreath at the Unknown Soldier at Altare della Patria and a parade in central Rome led by the President of the Italian Republic. It’s a highly momentous day so be prepared to witness authentic Italian patriotism.

Peter Brant’s Collection of Andy Warhol at the Fondazione Roma Museo, April 18 to September 28
Peter Brant’s collection of Andy Warhol’s artwork is on display in the Palazzo Cipolla. Expect to be in the presence of iconic Pop Art pieces like the portrait of Mao, the flowers, and the Marilyn.

Rolling Stones at Circus Maximus, June 22
The 2,000 year old site of Circus Maximus is a fitting backdrop for seeing one of the oldest living rock bands perform. Whether you’re a fan of the Rolling Stones or feel they’re passed their prime, you can’t always get what you want. The show is bound to be a spectacular one.

Teatro dell’Opera di Roma Summer Season at Caracalla, June 24 to July 25
The Summer season of Teatro Dell’Opera Di Roma at Carcalla begins June 24th with performances of Carmen by the Orchestra Di Piazza Vittorio. Followed by the Tokyo Ballet on June 27 and 28, and Swan Lake from July 3 to 15th. The Opera at Caracalla was historically the second largest of the public baths between AD 212 and 216. Currently, the central parts of the baths are used for concerts and home to the Rome Opera Company.

Annual Literatures International Festival of Rome, May 27 to July 1
At the Piazza del Campidoglio, the Literatures festival features local and international writers invited to write and read pieces based on the year’s theme, which is based on the quote, “Each and everyone of us is the center of the universe,” from Elias Canetti’s The Human Province. The line-up this year include Jeanette Winterson, Jhumpa Lahiri, Joshua Ferris, Jonathan Lethem, and Roddy Doyle.

Frida Kahlo Exhibition at Scuderie del Quirinale, March 20 to August 31
Curated by Helga Prignitz-Poda, this exhibit features some of Frida Kahlo’s most prominent pieces and is a retrospective of the painter’s life and work, as well as a commentary on Mexican culture in the 20th century.

AltaRom AltaModa Fashion Event, July 12-17
Italy is viewed as the purveyor for high quality craftsmanship in fashion around the world. Designers flock to the resources and individuals who work in the trade to make the clothes of many sought after brands. The event is held at the Santo Spirito in Sassia showcasing designs for the Fall/Winter season and is attended by the likes of Vogue Italia and Saks Fifth Avenue.

Where to stay:
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