Tribe Hotel: Housing History Makers for World Water Day 2010

- Melanie Zieba,

Tribe hotel, located in the affluent suburb of Nairobi, Kenya, is known mostly for its superior hospitality, luxurious comfort and for celebrating the beauty of diversity while acknowledging the common quest for excellence and belonging. And being that this luxury hotel is close to both the UN headquarters and the U.S. Embassy, Tribe plays host to many of the world’s most influential people who visit the region.

This weekend, global leaders came to Nairobi for the global March 22nd World Water Day 2010 celebrations. His Royal Highness Prince Willem Alexander of Orange was a recent guest at the gdw_worldwaterday2010Tribe and was in attendance for the U.N meeting to discuss the investment that should be made for safe water.

At this event UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon delivered a message for World Water Day 2010 and the afternoon’s keynote address was delivered by His Royal Highness Prince Willem Alexander of Orange, Netherlands, who serves as the Chair of UNSGAB. To learn more and hear about what he had to say, read his speech on Clean Water for a Healthy World.

Also a guest at Tribe this weekend was Joaquim Chissano, the former President of Mozambique to give his support to World Water Day 2010. He now heads his foundation, The Joaquim Chissano Foundation which is dedicated to the Promotion of Peace, Economic Development and Mozambican Culture. During his trip he also wrote a piece for the Huffington Post on the challenges Africa faces for World Water Day which you can now read titled For Africa, Water is Life.


Nairobi is one to the most prominent cities in Africa both politically and financially and is an established hub for business and culture. This makes a stay at Tribe a must for any business trip.  Tribe’s services and facilities are specifically designed to cater the needs of the modern global business traveler ensuring only the best VIP service and will honor every demanding need. Executive boardrooms are able to accommodate up to 20 people along with state of the art technology for high-level meetings all within a beautifully designed environment. 

And while staying here, consider booking their double-storey business loft which offers a separation of living and working environments. This hotel makes any trip the perfect home away from home.

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  1. amyfabulous says:

    Traveling to Africa is definitely on my bucket list. When I go to Kenya, I can’t wait to try out Tribe!