Trip Tips: Follow in the Footsteps of Prince William and Kate Middleton’s South Pacific Travels for Queen’s Jubilee

- Joy Pecknold, Passport blog editor

First, we stalked Harry, now we recount some of Prince William and Duchess of Cambridge Kate Middleton’s stays in the South Pacific. Plus, some recommendations on where the couple could extend their trip for more sunbathing.

Singapore: The two royals stopped in Singapore first, staying at the iconic Raffles Hotel Singapore. We don’t think Will and Kate had time to take advantage of Raffles Culinary Academy, but hopefully they got to enjoy a “Singapore Sling” at the Long Bar (the cocktail was invented there). Check out Huffington Post for pictures of their arrival.

Malaysia: Kuala Lumpur was next on the itinerary, where they were guests of Malaysia’s King. Those of us who don’t secure an invite to the National Palace, can still live like a king, or prince, by spending a few nights at The Ritz-Carlton, Kuala Lumpur. Every room features full butler service—how’s that for the royal treatment!

The pair took a quick trip to Sabah, a Malaysian state on the island of Borneo. There, they visited a remote jungle to catch a glimpse of endangered orangutans firsthand and learn about conservation efforts in the area. The
Gayana Eco Resort would have been the perfect place to spend the night. The resort, part of the Eco Collection, works diligently to restore the region’s coral reefs. A Kiwi stay here also includes a complimentary 30-minute reflexology or head/shoulder massage for two, which I’m sure they would’ve enjoyed after a day of jungle-trekking.

On route to Solomon Islands: Being a Royal Air Force Captain, Will might have liked to have their private plane to touchdown in Papua New Guinea at the Airways Hotel. It isn’t your average airport hotel; there’s an infinity pool, tennis court and sprawling health club with squash courts and more. Propped up outside the award-winning hotel is an actual airplane.

After Tuvalu: If there’s anywhere Kate shouldn’t get flack for taking off her swimsuit to sunbathe, it’s Fiji’s Turtle Island. After all, it’s the setting for the Blue Lagoon, where a young Brook Shields famously went topless with just some of her long hair to keep her covered (there’s a tip, Kate). The resort only takes 14 couples at a time, and guests get private beaches. Out in the vastness of the Pacific Ocean, it’s a little trickier for paparazzi to get at and the jungle villas are well-concealed.

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