Trips Tips: 4 Possibly Haunted Luxury Hotels for Halloween Ghost Hunters

- Eliza Brownlie, Kiwi Collection

If ghost hunting is on your travel itinerary this month, then look no further than these spook-tacular hotels. In honor of Halloween, we’ve compiled a list of lodgings so impressive some guests never want to leave. Who knew the afterlife could be so fabulous?

The Langham Hotel, London
Commonly referred to as the “original” grand hotel, the luxurious five star Langham Hotel features nearly 500 Victorian-style rooms and suites. However, behind its opulent décor and illustrious reputation as a haven for literary greats such as Oscar Wilde and Mark Twain, lies a spookier secret. The Langham is known for being the most haunted hotel in all of London. If you’re staying here, it is likely that you will be acquainted with at least one of the hotel’s five regular ghosts, such as the spirit of a former German prince whose presence is often accompanied by a drop in temperature. Paranormal enthusiasts looking for a thrill should check into Room 333, reportedly the most haunted room in the hotel, particularly during October.

The Driskill Hotel, Austin
Southern hospitality meets The Shining at this iconic Austin hotel. Believed to be the most haunted hotel in Texas, The Driskill’s accommodations boast 189 exquisite rooms featuring high ceilings, elaborate woodwork, regal furniture, and private balconies. Keep your eyes peeled for the ghost of a U.S. Senator’s four-year-old daughter who passed away after she fell chasing a ball down the stairs, or the ghost of a womanizer who is rumored to help women pick out outfits. If you catch a whiff of inexplicable cigar smoke, this means that the most famous spirit and original owner of the hotel, Colonel Jesse Driskill, has graced you with his presence. The hotel is also renowned for its an award-winning restaurant offering innovative first-class cuisine paired with a unique selection of wines—makes perfect sense to discuss ghost stories over a great glass of bubbly.

Fairmont Le Château Frontenac, Quebec
Towering over Old Quebec and the Saint Lawrence River from atop of a cliff, the spectacular Fairmont Le Château Frontenac is a Quebec City landmark and a designated United Nations World Heritage Site. With a history that dates back to 1899, this castle-like, 618-room luxury hotel has undergone many new additions and renovations, preserving its elegant Renaissance-style architecture. However, while the building has been updated since its inception, the original ghosts of Old Quebec continue to haunt the halls of this gothic Chateau. The ghost of Count of Frontenac Louis de Baude, the governor of New France during the 1600s for whom the property was named, has been seen lurking the hallways, watching guests as they sleep, and searching the ballroom for his beloved fiancée.

Taj Mahal Palace, Mumbai
The century-old Taj Mahal Palace is the architectural jewel of Mumbai, having hosted a slew of international VIPs and royalty, such as The Beatles, The Prince of Wales, Mick Jagger, Brangelina, President Obama and Oprah. Despite its star-studded clientele and majestic waterfront location, the hotel certainly has its share of spooks. It is believed that the hotel is haunted by the ghost of its legendary architect, W.A. Chamberman, who took his own life after discovering the palace was not built according to his original designs. Guests have testified to hearing the sounds of a man crying, as well as running into an ivory figure lingering through the old wing. Clearly Chamberman is still lamenting the construction issues—probably time he let that go.

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