Turtle Time in Palm Springs: Guest Blogger

- Sunny Shum,

There is nothing I love more than a short flight to a sunny destination for some relaxation and peace. If you live a hectic lifestyle like myself and are looking to slow your pace down to turtle time, Palm Springs is the perfect destination for you.Known as the golf capital of the world it was also Hollywood’s desert playground. Since the 1920’s, celebrities like Frank Sinatra, Cary Grant, Dean Martin and Ava Gardner called Palm Springs their second home away from home. If it were a possibility one day, I wouldn’t mind purchasing an art-deco inspired summer home here and making it my weekend hideaway.


If you are a fan of interior designer, Jonathan Adler’s quirky modernist style, you must stay at the Parker Hotel. From the metal armored statues, exotic animals, irregular sequin pillows and hot pink and red details in between…the deconstructed 1960’s interior seems to blend well together. You have three types of rooms to choose from at the Parker Hotel: suites, patio or estate – All rooms of course adorned with Jonathan Adler decor and steps away from being poolside.

The Parker Hotel – 4200 East Palm Canon Drive, Palm Springs 760.770.5000


Take a ride and fly up high in a two passenger side-by-side 1940 bi-plane going by the name, Lucy Belle. You get the most exhilarating views of Palm Springs as “Pilot Glenn” does lazy 8‘s in and out of the Santa Rosa mountains, flying over La Quinta, Ironwood and also getting a great peek at the “Haagen-Dazs” mansion estate in the hills. I suggest bringing a light scarf to wear so you can cover your mouth or your head as you are flying in an open cock pit.

Palm Springs Airport, 145 S. Gene Autry Trail, 760.216.3700

lucy belle bi plane


Every morning I would start my day the same way, a vanilla soy latte with honey from “Koffi”.  They have 2 locations, one on North Palm Canyon Drive and the other on South Camino Real. It is the place to grab your coffee so it’s bustling all day. Besides, how can you resist a place with such a cute name?


Once you’ve had your coffee, hop over the Ace Hotel and have lunch at the King’s Highway restaurant. Take your good old American style roadside diner and add a mid-century modern twist to the decor. They try to use local and seasonal organic ingredients whenever they can as they re-create American comfort dishes. I suggest sticking to the old faithful, “Amigo Brisket Burger with Fries”.

Ace Hotel, Palm Springs – 701 East Palm Canyon Drive, Palm Springs, 760.325.9900

Ace Hotel Burger


If you’d like to dine in a tucked away atmosphere overlooking a breathtaking view of the garden pool, I suggest the Purple Palm at the Colony Palms Hotel.  This property was once owned by reputed mobster, Al Wertheimer. Once inside, you really feel like you have been transported elsewhere with the bold contrast of purple and olive leather tufted booths and chairs and palm tree paper coverings on the wall. Make sure you contact them ahead of time and ask about the dining hours as they change from winter to summer.

Colony Palms hotel – 572 N. Indian Canyon Drive, Palm Springs, 800.557.2187

the purple palm

Sunny Shum is a professional Footwear Buyer for a major National Canadian Footwear retailer. She is also the Founder and author of the blog, Partly Sunny, an on-line lifestyle & fashion blog based out of Vancouver, BC for the fashion conscious and sophisticated woman. You can read more of her work at PartlySunny.ca All photos by Sunny Shum.

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