Update on Madeira Floods: Safe for Tourists

- Melanie Zieba,

As we mentioned earlier this week in our post on the Madeira flash floods, this island was hit by heavy storms on Saturday February 20th and caused some of the worst damage this island has seen in recent history.

funchal-bayFor many people, the Island of Madeira off the coast of Portugal is a popular vacation destination because of its natural beauty, rich artistic heritage, beautiful people and delicious wine. And according to a recent statement made by Conceicão Estudante, regional secretary of tourism and transportation on Madeira:

“We want to assure people that Madeira is safe, that there are no problems at the hotels and that the usual tourist activities are resuming very quickly.  Of course it will take time to rebuild some of the infrastructure and that won’t happen overnight but there is absolutely no reason for people not to come.”

In support of our friends in Madeira at The Vine Hotel, Reid’s Palace and the Choupana Hills Resort and Spa, we’ve gathered up some beautiful photos of the island to inspire you when planning your next vacation.





The following images were taken within 72 hours of the storm:




Inspired yet? Click on the image below of the Vine Hotel to book your next stay:


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  1. paula willcock says:

    Thinking of you all.

    Coming over on 24th April, our usual week.

    What a beautiful island.

    Paula Willcock